• It’s coming!!!!!

    They say it’s just a matter of weeks until the all new Mustang appears in a giant media blitz, that will include tie-ins with many popular shows like the crappolla King: American Idol.

  • 2006 VW Jetta Convertible

    Let’s go nuts and call the Concept C (shown last year at Auto shows) the Jetta convertible. Because that’s pretty much what it is. The all new 2005 Jetta is coming out in a few months, and this “Concept C’ looks just like it. Replace the ugly chrome wheels by smaller ones, and you pretty… Continue reading 2006 VW Jetta Convertible

  • Ssangyong SUV???

    Just when you thought you had already seen the ugliest car in the world, the all new Ssangyoung SUV/Van thing shows up! It is pretty much a perfect exemple of what-not-to-do in car design.A blend of 1980’s Russian car design and a waffle maker. There is just to much to say here, so I won’t… Continue reading Ssangyong SUV???

  • Suzuki “Heart Stand”

    For some people, this car is so cute it’ll make them throw up! But I happen to think that it is pretty cool. God knows if we need fun cars. In a world of Corollas and Civics, that little thing looks like an amusement park! Of course, we’ll NEVER get that over here. Suzuki prefers… Continue reading Suzuki “Heart Stand”

  • Even more girls!

    The auto shows are becoming the poor man”s Playboy mantion. That’s why car journalists are fighting to be the ones sent to cover these events! I have to appologize for posting these…. I guess…

  • 2006 Infiniti M35/45

    As you can see, the production version (top) is very close to that teaser/concept they showed us last year (bottom). One of these “concept” that was actually the production car with a few changes. What a change from the current M45! That car looks like one of these generic cars from an Architecture illustration.. And… Continue reading 2006 Infiniti M35/45

  • 2006 Mustang V6

    That’s right. The 2005s are not out yet,(there might even be delayed due to some engine problems…) that we already have a picture of the 2006/07. The V6 that is. The GT will not change, but a year after introduction,(maybe later if there are any more delays) the base model is scheduled to get an… Continue reading 2006 Mustang V6

  • 2005 Opel Tigra TwinTop

    Antother cool car made by an American company we can’t get in the US! Opel of Germany is a GM brand. And the all new Twintop is the coupe/convertible version of the regular (and pretty conservative) Tigra sub-combact hatchback. It is one of the (now) many hard top convertible cars sold in Europe. Being based… Continue reading 2005 Opel Tigra TwinTop

  • 2006 Ford Explorer

    Ford is now testing prototypes of the revised 2006 Explorer. It will have a new front end, new bumpers and a revised rear design with new lights. Nothing else is known so far. I will post more news as I get them…

  • Next 9-5 ???

    Despite Saab’ own illustrations of their next large car, the 9-5 replacement will probably end up looking closer to this. A more modern version of the same thing… But, let’s hope not.

  • 2005 Honda Legend !

    That’s right. The good old Honda Legend lives. Everywhere except the US. Because here, expensive Hondas are sold through Acura. And these geniuses deciced that letters like RL or RSX have more meaning than actual names, like Legend and Integra. Go figure… But the new legend is exactly the same car as the US only… Continue reading 2005 Honda Legend !