2006 Pontiac G6 Convertible

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This is the 1st official photo of Pontiac’s new convertible.

And look! Just like in the old 60’s and 70’s ads, they put it on the beach!!!

What you can’t see from this shot is the retractable metal hardtop!

A first for an affordable convertible in the US.

Tha car looks really good top down, and no doubt it will also be good looking with the top up.

The engines are similar to the sedan.

A regular 2 door coupe will follow soon.

Now let’s hope they don’t make the mistake of charging too much for this one…

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  1. Not a bad looking car. Like you said, lets hope they dont price it for death. Now if pontiac can get the solstice into production, they might just be moving in the right direction… Even though they screwed up the look of the GTO…

  2. You’re right.
    With the Solstice they will have a few good looking offerings.
    Who would have thouhgt that even a few years ago, from Pontiac!!!
    But I keep reading bad reviews from the G6. Seems like the driving experience isn’t that much better than the Grand Am… That’s weird, being based on the same platform as the 9.3…
    Not they need a super good looking larger sedan. To try to go against the next Camry.
    That’ll be a tough jog. The Grand Prix just doesn’t cut it yet.

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