• 2006 Seat Leon

    Another amazing looking compact car, the all new Seat Leon.The VW owned spanish brand isn’t sold in the US, so guess what!We’ll never see this… It is based on the Golf/A3 platform, and it looks much better than the other 2.GM and Ford could take a clue from VW about how to come up with… Continue reading 2006 Seat Leon

  • Amazing 2006 Honda Civic!

    Imagine smaller wheels, and replace the “clear grille” with darker plastics or chrome, and that’s it!You’ve got the new 2006 Civic. And the one here is a 5 door. With a clever way to hide the rear doors, similar to what Alfa has been doing, but even better! But wait a minute. What we get… Continue reading Amazing 2006 Honda Civic!

  • 2006 Lexus IS Interior

    This looks to be much more luxurious than the previous model.And much, much better looking than the new BMW 3 series. With a reliability rating that neither BMW or Mercedes can touch, this looks to be a winner, at least in the US.Execs at BMW recently said that they “don’t see Lexus as a threat”.Goes… Continue reading 2006 Lexus IS Interior

  • Skoda Yeti!

    What a name for this little European SUV concept.From the size, it looks like it could be based on the Polo platform. Perfect from European streets.But I think there would also be a market for it in the US.If VW had any guts, they would really study the possibility of importing some Skodas over here.… Continue reading Skoda Yeti!

  • Lexus IS

    Just another quick “pic” of the next IS.This one from Japan, looks to be the closest thing yet to the real design.We’ll the the actual car next week.

  • Citroen C1

    The new C1 is the Citroen version of that new Peugeot/Citroen/Toyota super small car.It is, to me, the most modern looking one of the 3. But they only basically change the front and back ends on each car.An old American trick from Ford, GM and Chrysler. Swedish model Bridget Stromberg demonstrates the “new” 2 piece… Continue reading Citroen C1

  • Citroen C6

    There was a time, a few years ago, when Citroen was considering coming back to the US. That would have ment that, by now, we would be very interested in this all new C6. It would compete with the Acura RL, Lexus GS, Infiniti M35 etc… But that’s pretty much all gone now… The nice… Continue reading Citroen C6

  • Smart Fortwo TDI

    The Fortwo is a slightly updated version of what they used to call the City Coupe. Back in the days…When Smart was still a partnership between Swatch and Mercedes.Mercedes took it over, spent tons of money in promotion, and voila! One of the best selling small cars in Europe.That was in the last century…Now it… Continue reading Smart Fortwo TDI

  • 2006 lexus IS sneak peak…

    This is from the European Lexus site.The next IS is supposed to do what the current one couldn’t: make a name for Lexus in Europe…Lexus is not popular over there. They think the next IS, available in 2.5Liter 215hp, 3.5Liter 315hp or a brand new diesel engine, will do the trick. The US won’t get… Continue reading 2006 lexus IS sneak peak…

  • More on the 2006 Miata

    Well… A few pictures, at least.It looks really nice. I’m surprised I even like it so much. But where is the cool hard top they were talking about????

  • Alfa Romeo 159

    The Alfa Romeao 156 replacement turns out to be called the 159.And it does look great. Exactly what an Alfa should look like.It is a bit larger, and is offered with a bunch or 4 or 6 cilynder engines, as well as diesels.And, if the Fiat/GM deal had turned out OK, we should have been… Continue reading Alfa Romeo 159

  • 2006 mazda Miata

    The Miata is all new for 2006…And just a couple of inches longer, a bit wider etc…The new engine for the US is a 2.0 Liter with 160hp. A 1.8 Liter will be available in Europe and japan as the base engine. Rumors talk about more expensive versions with a folding hardtop roof.As you can… Continue reading 2006 mazda Miata

  • Old Chevy Blazer “face lift”???

    Remember the old Chevy Blazer from a few yeasr ago??Well, it’s still around in Mexico. And they just redesigned the front end to keep it almost current looking. It’s kind of funny…But I have to say, it’s pretty well done.

  • 2006 Kia Rio Hatchback

    Not sure what the official name might be in the US yet, but it does look a bit more modern than the sedan introduced last month in Detroit.Same 1.6 Liter engine…Nothing amazing, but we are talking about a sub-$11000 here.