2006 Lexus IS 250

Another sneak peek. This time, it’s the real thing.
The 250 has a 215hp V6 engine.

It looks like a cross between the new GS and the Scion Tc!!!

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  1. i expect a little more from the is with lfs concept they introduced, i expected something original, and special looking. This is new is doesnt look like a luxury car, it has a little mazda 3 in its styling, and doesnt look any more upscale than subaru’s wrx.

  2. These jerks always get us going with their concepts…
    They all do it.
    But I think the IS must look much betre than these grainy pics.
    I am sure it looks much more expensive than a Mazda 3.
    And I think the WRX is one of the cheapest looking cars around.
    I don’t think Lexus would make that mistake.
    A small chrome line around the windows (like on the IS) goes a long way…

  3. i just got this car for christmas… i love it… the ride is unbelieveable and the handling is awesome… i’m super happy with it.. i could’nt ask for more. the car has 17 speakers you don’t have to do anything with the sound system, it rocks.

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