Dodge Caliber interior.

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That’s right. That car is not even out yet, and the interior looks like the one on the 1989 Le Baron!!!
It has to be one of the worse interior design in years.
Observe the wonderfull detailing. The brake handle looks like the cheapest molded black plastic.
The “coin holder” on the left of the steering wheel is just an open hole.
The “metal finish” around the shifter… Everything is cheap looking. And that will probably be “tone down” for production. If you can imagine such a thing.

This will compete in the US with the Cobalt, HHR, 2006 Civic, and Sentra replacement.
But in Europe, the gap is even worse.
It will compete with the Golf, Astra and the redesigned Focus!.
These cars are light years ahead of this crap!
And the Caliber is the chosen car to introduce the Dodge brand to the European market!

Who the hell is running this show???……..

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  1. Rememver that it’s a pre-production mdel. It may not change much deisghn-wise, but hopefully materials will improve.

  2. Let me try that again, please: Remember that it’s a pre-production model. It may not change much design-wise, but hopefully the interior materials will improve. [I really do know how to spell!]

  3. Are you for real they don’t look any thing alike, maybe you should get a better picture!

    If it said toyota on it you would be moaning how great it was!

    This site has become a big waste of time!

  4. I don’t think Toyota has only great interiors.
    Not sure why you would mention that.

    I don’t think I’ve been praising them so much lately…
    But this one is truely crap, and I don’t care who makes it.
    In general, I really don’t care about brands, who makes what, or where it comes from.
    I just think people desrve something good, and good looking, for their money. Whether it is a Toyota, Hunday or VW, I couldn’t care less.

    I know this is a pre-production interior. Look at the instrument cluster.
    But I bet the design is pretty much final.
    And the only thing that comes close to this is the 1980’s design area from Chrysler itself.
    I can see anything from “Toyota” coming anywhere close to this.

    Even with better materials, (which Chrysler isn’t really known for) this will look dated and cheap.
    But if that’s good enough for you (and your money), be my guest.

    Vince Burlapp

  5. Ok, first of all, the interior of the Caliber and the 89 LeBaron look NOTHING alike. Second of all, it does not look that cheap. You have to realize that not all cars are blessed with amazing interiors and this interior looks like it is a step up from the current Neon. yes, they could have done better but they didn’t. big deal, it will still sell and dodge will still make money off of it so stop complaining and criticizing EVERY SINGLE INTERIOR that comes out! You’ve done it with the Passat, the Caliber, and who knows? I’m willing to bet that you’ve said the Rolls-Royce Phantom’s interior is also very crappy and cheap looking…cry baby.

  6. Well, you ave to admit that this interior is pretty sucky. (And I do think the Neon Interior almost looks better).
    Can you find worse in that size/price range?
    Especially in Europe (where the Caliber is supposed to “shine”)
    And the Passat isn’t great. Especially with the wood version that looks like a Korean car from 5 years ago. But I’m sure the quality of the Passat interior IS great.
    As for the Rolls. Why would you assume I would think it looks cheap. I’m sure it doesn’t.
    It’s pretty ugly and unoriginal, but I don’t think it looks cheap…
    I like a lot of interiors.Like the Murano, Maxima, PT Cruiser, RL, M35, HHR,Euro Focus,RX 330,New Beetle,RX8, Mazda3 and 6, Accord, Citroen C4, Renault Laguna etc… For either their quality or designs.
    But the Dodge is going to be the price of the next Civic. Or Golf in Europe.

    Good luck to them.
    And thanks for reading what I have to say.

  7. I’m in agreement with you on the crappy look interior of the Caliber. This can’t be what they intend to put in there. Can it? If they do this will really be a big step back for Dodge’s efforts to break into the finicky euro market.

    I don’t agree with everything you write but I’m always happy to read your opinions and observations.


  8. Thanks for the kind words.
    My opinions are just that:opinions…

    And what we’re talking about is…

    The Caliber interior is not final. But it looks to be a full size mock up of the real thing.
    Not a good sign… (In my opinion…)

  9. I’ll agree that comparing it to a Le Baron interior is a really long stretch, but I’ll also agree that the instument panel design is very disappointing. Givin the deplorable quality of materials used on the Charger/Magnum, which are two segments above this this one, there is little hope for salvation there.

    The design has built-to-a-price written all over it. Something you don’t regognise in say, the directly competing MAZDA3.

    Even the HHR, which I saw up close a few days ago was way beyond this in its execution. Drum your fingers across a few places and you find the HHR surfaces are not exactly top level quality either. But they look very good and there are some nice high quality details in the gauge cluster to divert your attention. The Caliber doesn’t appear to have any of this.

    Since GM now has the PT cruiser’s designer, it makes me wonder if they didn’t swap him for the whole putrid pile of their old interior designers.

  10. ok what are you blind or just stupid? The interiors look nothing alike. It’s nice to see Dodge finally ditching the sunshield that goes halfway across the dash and making it nice and small. The dash looks pretty nice overall I think. Sure, that storage spot is pretty lame by the steering wheel but it may be different on the production version/higher trim level. I wish the center console sat higher up off the floor, but overall it looks far nicer than the Neon’s interior.

    As for materials…it is preproduction, and let’s not forget this is an economy car not a 30k sedan…materials aren’t gonna me amazing. FYI when the cars like the Magnum and Charger were originally pegged, they cut costs in interior materials cuz they didn’t have the financial success they do now, and therefore didn’t have the money to do the interiors up. I bet that the materials will improve when an update rolls on by.

    Also the Passat’s interior looks damn nice…and if you look at a 5 year old korean car interior it will look ugly as sin by comparison. oh, and it’s spelt “Hyundai” not “Hunday” >.>

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  12. A word from a country where a Golf is still an icon: Golf sucks! When Golf2 came out, that was still the good ole’ Golf. Versions 3,4 and now 5 all suck. This car (Caliber) is 300 light years AHEAD, belive me!
    I had 3 Golfs over the years, so I know what I’m saying – if this car prooves to be longlasting, Golf will quickly become ancient history.
    As for the Ford Focus, a couple sold here, but they aren’t popular. I dunno why, cos’ I personally like it (well, a bit) but anyhow. They’re only popular ‘cos of rally-drivers that use’em.

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  14. I don’t see any similarity to the interior of the 89 Lebaron and this interior … I actually sold Lebarons in 1989 and cannot follow your logic

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