Giant Scion?

No.. Just a new body kit for the VW Touareg!
It includes 22 inch wheels, and everything you see here.
Defeating the purpose of the SUV itself…

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  1. Wow, this is scary. I knew that this would happen one day. Turning an SUV totally into a car. This is the DUMBEST thing in the world. I just moved to Southern CA and I am amazed at the amount of pickups I see that are lowered and have spinners on them. How ridiculous. This drives me nuts.

  2. Also…

    Reminds me of the Touareg W12 limited production release. That model should’ve been sold in the US too!

  3. What are you an idiot??!! How could 4wd response NOT be diminished when you change it to a 4 inch clearance. ASS. Anyone that likes this is someone who would love a HUMMER to be lowered and turned into a street car. In otherwords, they are an IDIOT plain and simple.

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