• 2006 Nissan Wingroad

    The Wingroad has never been sold in the US, so a new one isn’t huge news for us.But it has been sold in many countries, for a long time. The old one was using engines up to 2.0 Liter in size. So I don’t think it’s a very large car.The new one seems to use… Continue reading 2006 Nissan Wingroad

  • Zhonghua, from China

    Just curious. For around $20 000 with a 2.4 Liter engine. Would you actually consider it for your next car?Do you think the Chinese have a chance in the US market (the Zhonghua is, so far, for Europe only)? I think a lot of car makers are shaking right now.

  • Crazy Suzuki Concept #2. The LC

    This rear engine concept also looks like a lot of fun.A blend of old European designs, with a bit of 60’s Hondas and a sprinkle of Columbo’s car. That’s the kind of car that makes your day when you see one on the road. Imagine driving it…

  • Subaru B5 (Concept)

    I am just posting this as a sad reminder that some concept cars still look really, really bad.It actually looks like the worse concepts from the 70’s and early 80’s. A mix of shapes and textures that don’t go together. And Subaru usally has great interiors! This one looks both vulgar and cheap. A horrible… Continue reading Subaru B5 (Concept)

  • Chrysler Akino (concept)

    Nothing much to say about this.Just another tease they’ll never, ever build.Something too cool that makes their production models look ugly and old fashion…I just hope they could use the rear design on their next Minivans. But I’m dreaming. And it’s not that amazing anyway. The great conceptual designer Syd Mead use to design that… Continue reading Chrysler Akino (concept)

  • 2007 VW Marrakesch

    Behind these two happy suits, lies the upcoming Golf based Marrakesch SUV. Can you guess anything new?

  • Ford Explorer Sport Trac.

    It’s about time they come up with a new one. And this looks pretty much like the “concept” from last year.I don’t think the Explorer is good (at all) as a family car, but as a 4 door pick up truck, this one should be great.It looks nice, has a much improved interior and is… Continue reading Ford Explorer Sport Trac.

  • 2007 Nissan Versa

    A few months ago, I posted a few pictures of a new Nissan called the Tilda.Well.. The Tilda is coming to America. It will be built in Mexico, and renamed the Versa. That is the “sub-Sentra” model they’ve been talking about for a while. I was hoping to see the Nisssan Cube over here instead.The… Continue reading 2007 Nissan Versa

  • Mitsubishi 380 (more)

    More pictures of the Australian Galant. Let’s hope this is our 2007 Galant. The interior, although almost the same, is much more upscale and classy.With this and the new Lancer, they should be selling cars, right? What’s wrong with these guys????

  • Mitsubishi Evo X/Lancer

    After last month’s hatchback concept shown in Europe, this one is very close to what we’llget over here as the new Lancer, and the Evo X models.They did a great job. It almost looks as good as the hatch. And as you see, it is another (the 3rd in 2 years) front end design for… Continue reading Mitsubishi Evo X/Lancer