• 2007 Toyota Corolla.

    Sorry for the poor quality. But I think these new shots give a little bit more info about the front end of the next Corolla. Looks like the lights are following the new Camry trend.

  • 2007 Nissan maxima

    These are not pictures of the Maxima, but the Nissan Teana, the Japanese equivalent of the US Maxima. From new spy shots of the revised 2007 Maxima, we can tell Nissan is making it look more like the Teana. They will redesign the front end (looking more like the Teana), the rear lights/bumper, and give… Continue reading 2007 Nissan maxima

  • The Bizarro world!!!

    The Essen show in Germany is pretty much a European Sema. With even a few minor official introductions. But what it actually is, is a weird mixture of after market parts, cartoonish cars, science fiction, dragsters, a bad acid trip and babes…. And it is still open for a few more days…

  • Daihatsu Esse

    I thought I saw this shape before… It’s the old Renault 5 from 1972!I knew it. Except I think the Renault still looks better, after more than 30 years. The 5 became a huge success in Europe, and eventually reaching the US as the “Le Car”.(that was one stupid name)Renault came out with the 2… Continue reading Daihatsu Esse

  • New Kia sedan

    This car has been seen around for a few months. But a new picture just showed up, without any camouflage.It shows a 5 door hatchback, smaller than the Optima, but larger than the Spectra. Maybe the new Carens, a model we don’t (yet) get over here. It seems to look nice and modern, and could… Continue reading New Kia sedan

  • New Ford Expedition

    It looks like Ford isn’t ready to answer the 2007 Tahoe challenge with an all new truck. At least from these pictures.Next year’s Expedition might just have to do with a new front end, and maybe a revised interior. That might mean the same thing for the Navigator… Are they falling behind, or are they… Continue reading New Ford Expedition

  • Hyundai Accent Hybrid

    After the Sonata, Azera and Santa Fe, Hyundai is almost ready to seel the Hybrid version of their new Accent. A very interesting car. From these pictures, it looks like they didn’t want to add a lot of fancy features like an expensive video screen etc… Just like Toyota claims it will do with the… Continue reading Hyundai Accent Hybrid

  • White Santa Fe in the wild.

    I think if a car looks good in white, it’s a good looking car. White can’t hide anything, and it usually makes everything boring.I must say the new Santa fe looks very nice, even in white. All the expected details are there too. Air conditioned console compartment, adjustable rear seat backs etc…And the finish of… Continue reading White Santa Fe in the wild.

  • Rare bird.

    That’s right, a Camry wagon from the previous generation.It was sold in some European countries. But never in the US.Is is kind of weird to see the wagon rear end on such a familiar face, isn’t it?

  • New renault Alpine

    Renault is thinking about reviving the legendary Alpine name for a new sports car based on the Nissan Z. These pictures of the Takhion concept show what might be one of the design direction for the project. Or should they go with a retro design, inspired by the classic Alpine from the 60’s? If they… Continue reading New renault Alpine

  • Suzuki SX4

    This is the Suzuki clone of the new Fiat SUV.But we are supposed to get this one in the US. Engines in Europe include a 107hp and a 120hp Diesel.Let’s hope something just a little bit bigger makes it over here. (how about the 2.2 Liter from the Cobalt…) I liked the design of the… Continue reading Suzuki SX4

  • Unloved: the AMC Gremlin

    The Gremlin came out in April 1970.If you look at its famous profile, you can see that quite a few modern cars are now using the weird side window design the small AMC pioneered over 35 years ago…(Murano, 2007 RAV4 to name a few)The Gremlin was based on the Hornet. A regular 2 and 4… Continue reading Unloved: the AMC Gremlin