• 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche

    Nothing unexpected. Just the same previous idea applied to the new platform… For those who really want to make the new Crown Prince a happy man…

  • Euro Focus in the US

    Ford recently hinted they might actually change their mind and bring the European Focus over here.That would be good news. But… It has already been on sale since early 2005. It would be over 2 years old by the time they actually bring it over here.(You’re right, that kind of concern never stopped VW…) And… Continue reading Euro Focus in the US

  • 2007 Lexus ES350

    Here it is.The all new Lexus ES.You can even see the glass roof option on this one.There is nothing new here. It looks like a blend of all other Lexus designs, plus maybe a bit of Acura RL in the front….The interior is now “less weird” than the current version. The weirdess seems to have… Continue reading 2007 Lexus ES350

  • Alfa Brera Spider

    Again, first official pictures of a new Alfa. The all new Spider. This is the one that should bring them back to the US. They also should use Dustin Hoffman and the Graduate soundtrack in the commercial… (Hoffman did an Audi commercial last year, so why not…)

  • Alfa Romeo 159 Wagon

    Just a couple of official pictures of the new wagon from Alfa.At least as good looking as any other European wagon. Again, let’s hope Alfa comes back over here.

  • Fiat 500/Trepiuno

    This looks like a small phone picture of the upcoming new Fiat 500 based on the Trepiuno concept.The new 500 is rumored to ue the same platform as the next Ford Ka. We’ll never see either over here…

  • VW Jetta test drive.

    Click on the picture to see the “Jetta Movie”. The previous Jetta was a well loved car in the US. Its shape made sure it didn’t look like the Japanese competition. It had its own take on the compact sedan. Not anymore…The new model looks like a blend of other designs, mostly Japanese. To me,… Continue reading VW Jetta test drive.

  • More 2007 Expedition photos

    For those who were wondering about the interior.It turns out looking really nice. But I think it is a bit too close to the Land Rover LR3 and even the Range Rover. It looks good, but why put a Rover look inside a Ford truck.What happen to the Range Rover “exclusivity”??? Other news? Not sure.… Continue reading More 2007 Expedition photos

  • 2007 Ford Expedition

    Looks like it’s not “all new”.Outside at least, only the front seems to have been redesigned.Inside, who knows… But it looks pretty weak compared to the “really all new” Tahoe. The Chevrolet looks much more refined that this toy like truck.And an all new Sequoia is far behind…

  • New Volvo S80

    These are not illustration. And they are not the current model either. The first official photos of the all new S80 show a car that looks pretty much the same as the old one. I will repeat myself (again).But this looks like the same mistake Ford did with the Jaguar XJ in 2004. All new,… Continue reading New Volvo S80

  • Mega Tundra

    Just one more Tundra picture.This seems to be the largest one yet, a 4 door with long bed.This time they seem very serious. I remember when the Camry was dismissed as a poor attempt to a front wheel drive sedan.But by the 3rd generation, it took over the country. I think this 3rd generation large… Continue reading Mega Tundra

  • Peugeot 407 Convertible

    Well.. Not quite yet. This is a prototype built by Heuliez, who is already making the tops for other Peugeot convertibles.But this time, they’re trying to adapt the Hardtop convertible concept to a 4 door car. I’ll say it looks really nice. You can tell there is major structural modifications behind the front seat. And… Continue reading Peugeot 407 Convertible