• Nissan Presage

    Nissan just revised their US minivan in order to make it a bit more conservative and boost sale.I wonder if they should just send over this new Presage model.It uses the same 3.5 Liter engine, and actually looks more like a minivan version of the Murano. Would this one work better here?

  • 2007 Toyota Solara

    Just a few minor tweaks for the Camry based coupe. (Sport model pictured here)A slightly new front end, LED rear lights, a standard MP3 plug inside with bluetooth option. Strangely enough they didn’t upgrade the car to the new 3.5 Liter engine used in the new Camry.The Solara still uses the same 3.3 Liter V6.Toyota… Continue reading 2007 Toyota Solara

  • Hyundai Accent test drive

    Cars like the Hyundai Accent are very important.They are, for many people, their first new car. The big hope that, finally, their car trouble days are over.For many, it will be the first time they make a car payment over a few years.In other words, a first big financial commitment. A few weeks ago I… Continue reading Hyundai Accent test drive

  • 2007 Euro Corolla

    Keep in mind, these are actual pictures of the car, not illustrations.It seems to look much better than the sedan version. But is it modern enough to compete in the European market? More later, including “grainy” interior photos…

  • Next Toyota Crown

    At least from these illustration, it looks like Toyota might go after the Mercedes CLS with the redesigned Crown sedan.The Crown shares a lot with our Lexus GS model, so it could never make it over here.It’s kind of too bad.it would make a great Avalon…

  • Subaru Legacy

    Just a few more pictures of the “revised” Legacy.It seems that they did get rid of the wood inside…

  • 2007 Toyota Corolla.

    Not much better from that angle, is it? Again, our US model might have different lights. And that might be it…

  • 2007 Chrysler Sebring

    Now we can finally see what the front end looks like.These are big headlights… I only saw the interior of a base model in person, and it looked far behind the quality that most of the competition offers.Maybe they want to make that up by offering more style.

  • 2007 Toyota Corolla.

    This is the first picture of the new Corolla for 2007.It might be a Japanese version of the sedan.But it should be very very close to the one we’ll get in the US.The current Asian sedan and the US model are almost the same cars, except for the lights and some details.And this is really… Continue reading 2007 Toyota Corolla.