• Giugiaro prototype

    At first it looks like a Ford logo..But if you look at the license plate, it seems to include some Chinese characters. Could it be an upcoming Chery? For the US????

  • 2008 Toyota Corolla

    This shows the japanese market sedan version.The one we’ll get might still be a bit different.And there are rumors they might even change the name in some markets…

  • Telsa Roadster by Lotus

    Lotus announced it will build the all electric Tesla sportscar.Already based on a Lotus Elise platform, the Telsa has a 250 miles range and does 0 to 60 on 4 seconds!Prices will start at around $85 000 when the car comes out next summer at a rate of 1000 a year. Is this a new… Continue reading Telsa Roadster by Lotus

  • 2007 Expedition

    New pictures of the “not so new ” new Expedition.Seems like they’ll keep changing the interior and the front end as long as they can. Just like with any other Ford SUVs, and even the Focus…

  • 2008/09 Nissan Z

    From this illustration, it looks pretty close to the curent model.But much more aggressive. They are talking about squeezing around 350hp from the V6!

  • Next Prius testing

    The body is obviously from the current model, but the front is all new.Is this a mule for the all new model due in a couple of years?I hope so. A ‘facelift” would be kind of a let down. The next Prius is supposed to get around 90 mpg.Even if it gets “only” 70 or… Continue reading Next Prius testing

  • 2008 Corolla

    Pushed back a year, this version of the Corolla could very well be the one we’ll get in the US.

  • 2007 Mini

    Still a bit covered with tape…It’ll come woth a new 1.6 Liter engine from Peugeot/BMW with 120hp (Cooper) and 170hp Turbo (Cooper S).And the standard Cooper suspension will be much smoother than the current model.Those who drive on tracks more than regular roads will still be able to order a Sport Suspension option. More full… Continue reading 2007 Mini

  • 2007 Hyundai Sonata

    Already? New grille, the rest has always been available in Korea before. Like the bumper accents.Let’s hope they made the interior a bit more interesting.

  • Super Accord

    The regular Accord is too boring for you?Why don’t you spend a fortune on it and make it a bit more original (In a bad way…)