• Another mystery car…

    I think it might be the new Corolla (or whatever they call it now).The sedan version. Maybe even the one we’ll get over here. But what do I know….Really…

  • Naked in Paris!

    No. it’s not the Halloween party at the Playboy mansion.(For which I am still waiting an invitation, by the way…) Just the 2006 Auto Show, in Paris! Cars and babes, what an original combination….

  • New 2007 Fiat bravo

    These are official illustrations from some “internal document”.Looks really nice.And look! they even used the old Fiat logo in the grille.

  • Saab 9.4X

    That’s obviously something GM doesn’t want people to see right away… Small car based SUV with an upcoming Cadillac cousin.

  • Yoyota Auris

    Just a concept.But take out the yellow paint and some of the crap outside and there you have it:What we used to call the “Euro Corolla”. But no more Corolla, at least in Europe. Auris sounds almost like Yaris, a big success in Europe for Toyota. These pictures actually show the stuff I posted earlier… Continue reading Yoyota Auris

  • Renault/Dacia Logan Wagon

    Finally the wagon version of the cheap and surprisingly popular Dacia Logan.The sedan starts at 7500 Euros and tops at 10500.So expect the wagon to be just a bit more. Cheap, especially for Europe. The sedan popularity turned this dorky looking car into something almost hip.The wagon has an even better chance.Don’t you want to… Continue reading Renault/Dacia Logan Wagon