• 2009 Hyundai Sonata

    I am not sure what they will do to the front end. And rear lights. But from these pictures, it looks like it will get what it really needed from the begining: a much better (and all new) interior.The current Sonata is a very nice looking family car. But I think the interior doesn’t fit… Continue reading 2009 Hyundai Sonata

  • 2008 Mustang V6

    New interior color combo, Ambient light, wheels… That’ll do until the 2009 make over. I guess…. Need Mustang Parts? Order AmericanMuscle’s Mustang Catalog and getsomething nice for your ride.

  • More pictures of the new BMW 1 Coupe

    I think it looks great.Conservative yet modern. Luxurious and powerful. The interior seems also very nice. Let’s just hope they price it right (much cheaper than the 3) in the US…. Convertible version coming up next.

  • VW Tiguan

    To me, that thing looks pretty cheap. What is so wrong with a small chrome line around the window? As it is on these pics, it looks like a $15 000 car.Makes the CRV looks like a Rolls Royce. And talking about the CRV, since when is a VW even more boring to look at… Continue reading VW Tiguan

  • 2008 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Cruising around.This one even has some tacky decals on it.So you know it’s close to production… Back the the future. I mean the early 80’s….

  • BMW 135i Coupe

    This might be real.. Or not…I don’t know. Just another picure of the upcoming small BMW coupe.In Europe at least, they will be coming in November. The 135 i model will use the Turbo 3.0 Liter from the 3 series. With 306hp.That should be one fast little coupe.Europeans will also get a 2.0 Liter Diesel… Continue reading BMW 135i Coupe

  • Nissan Aprio

    Nissan will sell a version of the Dacia/Renault Logan in mexico. Under the name Aprio. The Logan has been on sale in Europe for a couple of years as a super cheap alternative to most other new cars. And it has been quite a success.I guess cheap and dorky can been “in”. If it’s cheap… Continue reading Nissan Aprio

  • Naked 2008 Accord!

    Both sedan and coupe versions.And both looking much better than I thought.the coupe is no big surprise. It was previewed last year with the concept. but the sedan looks pretty nice, even on these early pictures. And much more upscale than the current model.And a diesel is coming a year later… See them all :… Continue reading Naked 2008 Accord!