• VW Jetta Wagon

    The US version of the new Golf Wagon. It actually doens’t look so bad on these photos. It is amazing what good looking wheels can do to a csr.Plus, you’ll have to admit, the 2 georgeous Ford LTDs in the background help a lot!

  • Peugeot 308 RC-Z

    Just a concept. The CC convertible version of the 308 will still be a regular 4 seater.But this one looks great….

  • All new Toyota model

    As I mentioned before, 2008 is the last model year for the Solara. (that’s too bad. I like it. The convertible is a really good car) Toyota will not have a 2 door or convertible model to replace it.Instead, they will have an all new model, also based on the Camry:The production version of the… Continue reading All new Toyota model

  • Hybrid Cayenne official pictures

    If it can really cruise at 75mph on electrical poer alone (like they claim), it would be pretty cool.Not sure when this will actually be available….

  • Renault Twingo CC convertible

    The new Twingo is barely out and Renault is already showing the upcoming (Summer 2008) convertible version.A rather weird looking little 2 seater with a retractible hard top. The look kind of reminds me of the old Honda Del Sol. (The good old days when Honda was actually trying out new stuff)

  • 2008 Avalon

    Not sure how much they changed, but the front bumper looks new. Maybe the grille? Anyway, here it is, the 2008 Toyota Avalon…

  • More official Mini Clubman pictures

    I am surprised how little legroom there is in the back. At least on this picture.It seems about the same as the regular model.What is the point of a longer wheelbase, really. We’ll see….