• All new Audi A4

    Just more of the same, really. The interior is much better than before, closer to an A5.Let’s hope they replave the horrible 2.0 Liter/CVT combo in the US….

  • New Audi A4

    That’s right, “new”…. I thought it was going to look like a 4 door version of the A5.But, from this picture at least, it just looks like the current car. Sure there are some different lines here and there.But really, why even bother redesigning a car to come up with this…. The 1st generation A4… Continue reading New Audi A4

  • Next Audi A4???

    It could be.The all new A4 is due very, very soon.And this picture does look a bit different than an A4.But the reality is, the new A4 might just look like a sedan version of the new A5 anyway. So, no big news anyway…

  • Renault Laguna coupe

    Not sure if this picture is the actual thing.But if it is, it already looks 100 times better than the sedan. Based on our Altima coupe.

  • More Journey pictures

    I have to say, the interior does look much better on this picture.At least this seems a much nicer car than the Escape. For those who dont like curves…

  • 2009 Dodge Journey

    It’s kind of hard to really see what’s going on here. But it looks like another trip back to 1985. There doesn’t seem to be anything original, or any reason to get this over any other similar cars, like the new Vue, or the Edge.Plus the interior seems like another cheap one from Chrysler. Good… Continue reading 2009 Dodge Journey

  • Burlapp in Europe. Part2

    Just another quick pic.Looks really nice in person. And pretty rare, even here.I guess it’s pretty much over priced. Seems that if it’s not a Mercedes or a BMW, most people here just won’t get anything else in the price range.

  • Untitled Post

    Sure, it looks nice.But still, to me this seems more like the next generation Lexus GS than a Jaguar.I guess that’s what the market wants. We’ll see….