• Chrysler kills models

    According to the Detroit Free Press, Chrysler will kill the Crossfire, the Pacifica, the PT Cruiser Convertible and the Magnum.Shame. -The Crossfire was always too expensive for a Chrysler.-The Pacifica was never really attractive, especially after the concept they teased us with years before.-They never redesigned the PT Cruiser . What a shame.They had one… Continue reading Chrysler kills models

  • 2009 US Toyota Corolla

    Of course, in keeping with the Corolla tradition, it is boring. What did you expect? But I think this time, they’ve outdone themselves. This makes the 2 year old Civic look like the Starship Enterprise.Even the Camry looks futuristic next to it….

  • 2009 Toyota Matrix

    Two versions will be available, S and XRS.Not sure what the difference is. These pictures are of the S version.A slightly lighter grey interior is available. It just looks like a conservative/slightly weird re-do of the old one.And inside, the GPS looks like someone’s cousin tried to squeeze a screen onto the dash….

  • More pictures of the new Audi A4

    The interior is really one of the best in the class.And the outside also seems more upscale than the current one. Even if they could have done much better. Tough times ahead for the new C Class…

  • Nissan Forum Concept

    Would this replace their slow selling Quest Minivan?Is this the new front end design for all next Nissans? We’ll know much more when at the Detroit show in January…

  • Accord Coupe HF S Concept

    In typical SEMA fashion, the Accord coupe has been covered with every vulgar add ons you can imagine.And yet, it doesn’t look as bad as it could have been. The regular Coupe is a really good looking car, I guess i takes a lot to ruin it….

  • Scion Dalek xD Concept

    A cool 4 door convertible version of the small Scion.I am sure Toyota has no production plans for a 4 door convertible, but it still is a cool idea…

  • Hyundai Concept Genesis Coupe

    These are official sketches from Hyundai.A sporty RWD coupe based on the new Genesis sedan.We will be able to see it at the L.A show in a couple of weeks. This pretty much looks like what we used to call the “next Tiburon”.It is very similar to the spy shots we’ve now seen for months.

  • Kia Mesa

    Looks like someone pulled the camouflage off the back.