• More Toyota A-Bat Concept photos

    I still have some hope this might make it to production (even thoughh I have no personal need for a pick up).If I remember correctly (and I always do…), the FJ Cruiser turned out really close to the concept. So why not….

  • New Peugeot Partner

    Just being redesigned, with its close cousin, the Citroen Berlingo. Another one of these small delivery vans turned into passenger cars.They are all pretty cute and roomy. Just like the Renault one I posted a few weeks ago. We’ll never see them. But VW has one too. And especially Ford. Who claimed a few months… Continue reading New Peugeot Partner

  • Tough…

    I guess Chinese car makers will have to fight quite an uphill battle when they finally make it over here….

  • Revised Mercedes SL

    Another not really needed mid-cycle revision from Mercedes.At least from this picture (The only one available for now) The front is actually all new, and we should expect more modifications inside.

  • Subaru R1 Electric

    Subaru will sell an electric version of their tiny R1 model in 2009.So by that time, it might actually even be a redesigned version. The picture here is of the current R1. The electric model will be able to reach 62mph with a 50 miles range.Which is actually enough for a lot of commuters. And… Continue reading Subaru R1 Electric

  • CTS Coupe???

    I know this must be a dealer mistake.It is still weird and funny to see…. Knowing a coupe is actually coming in about a year.

  • Next Mercedes CLK

    Looks pretty realistic for an illustration. The current CLK looks nice, but not that upscale for what they’re asking for.This one should look a it more expensive.But I have seen spy pics of the interior, and that is shaping up to be pretty ugly. About as square as the new GLK and the next E… Continue reading Next Mercedes CLK

  • Toyota A-Bat Concept

    At first it looks like a Toyota Ridgeline. But I don’t think the Ridgeline is such a huge hit for Honda in the 1st place.So I’m not sure this will make it into production at all. And if it does, it could be toned down so much it would look this cool. But I have… Continue reading Toyota A-Bat Concept