• Ford/Lincoln “Active Park Assist”video

    Is this really what driving in the 21st century has become?I mean, this is pretty impressive technology, but it is really sad at the same time.Was anyone asking for this? Really… If you can’t park a car, you shouldn’t be driving one….

  • 2010 Kia Sould price

    It will start at $14 000 for the base 1.6 Liter car.It does include ABS, air, power windows, power locks and a stereo with a USB plug for your iPod. The 4 speed auto is $1000 more. That is almost $2500 less than the Scion Xb! The top of the line Sport model with a… Continue reading 2010 Kia Sould price

  • Should Burlapp “Detroit or not Detroit”???

    -Cold-Not that many new cars and concepts-Cold-A weird depressing mood-Cold-I don’t need to actually be there to get the news On the other hand:-Some really cool new cars-Maybe some good looking female journalists-I’m invited-Cold Should I go? You tell me…

  • Fisker Sunset Concept

    Independent car maker Fisker will be showing a new concept at the Detroit auto show called the Sunset.Which just sounds like a convertible name to me…And they will also introduce the production version of their Karma plug-in Hybrid sedan. Just like in Hollywood, it seems that the “independents” are coming up with the more interesting… Continue reading Fisker Sunset Concept

  • Next Infiniti M Sedan

    The next M is due within a couple of years. And it is rumored to grow a little bit. Making it much larger than the current G sedan. The M is now the top of the line sedan for Infiniti, with the slow death of the Q45 while ago…I just hope it turns out a… Continue reading Next Infiniti M Sedan

  • All new Mercedes E Class Coupe

    So you know, the third small side window is actually glass. It is just covered on the prototype by a piece of tape.So it does look much better. And allows all windows to come down for a really open look and feel. Quite a nice feature.

  • 2010 Honda Odyssey

    I guess the big Honda van isn’t such a huge seller these days. A redesign might not come very soon.It looks like they’ll just tweak it a little bit for the next few years. I am not really familiar with the Odyssey, so all I can see on this is pretty much a new grille.… Continue reading 2010 Honda Odyssey