• Ford Capri coming back???

    Some people seem to think so.And Ford has come up with many 2 door concepts in the past few years. This Auto Express illustration being based on one of them. (The Visos Concept) With the Volvo C30 and Scirocco back on the stage, a Capri might not be a bad idea. But don’t hold your… Continue reading Ford Capri coming back???

  • Ford Kuga on sale

    In England. Not here, of course. Seems that the everybody in the world thinks this is just what Ford needs in the US. Except Ford.This would make a fantastic replacement for the old Escape. And could compete head to head with the best. I am not even sure what they have planned for the Escape.… Continue reading Ford Kuga on sale

  • Megane the third

    I guess this is about ready to come out. And an all new coupe will be part of the line up this time.

  • Smart offset frontal crash video

    I am not expert, but it does look quite good.As good or better than anything else. I must say Smarts are getting to be really popular in Los Angeles. I am amazed to see that many around….

  • 2009 Ford Ka

    Not sure if this is the real thing. But it sure looks like it.I guess we’ll know for sure when the new James Bond movie comes out…

  • Polo based VW SUV ?

    Maybe, who knows…Vw is actually considering selling the next generation Polo in the US.So an SUV/Crossover/Wagon version is a good possibility. I just hope it doesn’t look like this illustration.But I’m not really expecting anything amazing, or remotely modern looking after the Tiguan… But they do need an inexpensive cool looking car.

  • 2010 Prius

    peter Nunn from Auto observer seems to have gather some new info about the all new 2010 Prius. Are are some highlights: -We’ll see it first at the Detroit show next January.-New 1.8 Liter replaces the 1.5 Liter gas engine. it will make 110hp instead of the current 75hp.-Total power to jump from 110hp to… Continue reading 2010 Prius

  • New Daewoo/Chevrolet Nubira.

    Known over here as the Suzuki Forenza. I just hope Suzuki gets something more fun and original.I don’t think I have ever seen a Forenza on the road. (well… maybe 1 or 2…)They need to stand out from the crowd…

  • Audi Q5

    Just another, better picture of the interior. Great, but like the exterior, it looks the same as other Audis. They basically have just one design for all their models…