• New Buick Regal

    Actually a rebadged version of the new Opel Insignia, as you can see.It’s basically an Opel with a Buick grille. And it still looks good. So far this is for China only. Although there have been some rumors lately about offering this in the US alongside the all new, but larger, LaCrosse. Even though the… Continue reading New Buick Regal

  • More and bigger pictures of the Miata

    No that I see it better, I’m not sure that more aggressive front end really goes well with the rest of the car.Maybe it’s just the pictures… A good looking car anyway…

  • 2009 Honda Element

    I guess a new front means no “all new” Element for a while…This one might turn out to be Honda’s Crown Victoria.A little update every couple of years. Never a new one. The design is so odd I guess it could be called timeless. I drove a couple of them over the years and never… Continue reading 2009 Honda Element

  • Revised Mazda Miata

    Nothing major, but it does look quite a bit more aggressive. Basically, they didn’t ruin it. Which is great. I love the new tan interior but can’t see anything new in there. Let’s hope at least they added an iPod plug.I am supposed to drive a Miata at the end of next month. So mine… Continue reading Revised Mazda Miata

  • Chevrolet Cruze

    Well… At least the Daewoo version for the Korean market. Notice the different, and more conservative, front grille. A good looking car. Will it be good looking enough next year?

  • New Mini Convertible

    Basically the convertible version of the “new’ Mini that came out last year.Looks like the top fold a bit flatter than before. And the rollover protection now pops out when needed. Just like in the New Beetle convertible. Plus the new engines etc… But that blind spot with the top up doesn’t seem to get… Continue reading New Mini Convertible

  • Hyundai i20 interior

    Not bad at all for a car smaller and cheaper than the Accent. And, yes, Hyundai is now actually considering the i20 for the US market. There were even talks about the smaller i10. But it was decided the i10 is just too small for the US market. It wouldn’t be worth it for them… Continue reading Hyundai i20 interior

  • Next Mercedes E class

    Now, this looks like the real thing to me.What do you think? Still, what is the deal (In 2008!) with these small wheels on a $50 000 car???Be sure to check out WheelHQ.com and their large selection of Mercedes Wheels.

  • Hyundai i20

    The new i20 replaces the Getz. A small car that was never sold in the US. But Hyundai is now seriously considering importing the i20 over here.It would be a car cheaper than the $11 000 Accent.And a Hybrid version is in the works as well. A good idea if you ask me. I think… Continue reading Hyundai i20

  • Hyundai Sant Fe Hybrid

    Sure, this is just the “concept” version for the Paris Auto Show. But this will come out very soonas a production model. Using a 2.4 Liter gas engine on top of the electric motor. Matted to a 6 speed auto.Apparently getting 38mpg average. This is really good news. Let’s hope the dual sunroof set up… Continue reading Hyundai Sant Fe Hybrid