• All new VW Polo

    Revealed early by one of the posters outside the Geneva auto show.It’s kind of funny… We are supposed to finally get the Polo in the US. So this is the new sub-Rabbit VW model for us as well.Competing in a new segment for VW. One they should never have left in the first place: the… Continue reading All new VW Polo

  • Next Citroen C3

    This looks pretty real to me, but I’m not sure. The C3 is a nice looking small car. And the next one seems to be an even more modern version.But I’ve heard many times of so many reliability problems. Especially with the “Pluriel” models. Let’s hope improvements in that area are the main changes for… Continue reading Next Citroen C3

  • 2012 Holden Volt

    Gm is trying to get the most of their huge investment into the Chevy Volt. And who can blame them. After an Opel version, there will now be an Australian Holden version. And from this picture, it looks like a total clone of our Chevrolet one.. Except for the badges. For once, I think this… Continue reading 2012 Holden Volt

  • Toyota iQ 1.3 Liter

    Until now, the only engine available in this tiny Toyota was a smaller 1.0 Liter 3 cylinder engine.The new 99HP 4 cylinder is rumored to get an even better gas mileage, well over 50MPG. It is still rumored to end up over here as a new Scion model.

  • New MG6

    This upcoming MG is based on the Chinese “Roewe” 550 that came out last year.The Roewe is already a good looking car. But this sportier version look even better. Parent company SAIC plans to sell 45000 Roewe cars this year and just 10000 of the MG version.They claim this will make it in Europe as… Continue reading New MG6

  • Chevrolet Saturn???

    At least from this, it looks like some people at GM are not ready to kill the Sky yet.Good news.I don’t care who sells it, I just hope the Sky finds a home after GM kills Saturn.It would indeed make a great Chevrolet.Pontiac already has the Solstice, and I really don’t see this as a… Continue reading Chevrolet Saturn???

  • Kia Number 3 Concept

    This looks really nice.And much more European than any Japanese designs. Kia seems to be really serious about the European market. I hear the production model won’t be that different. Except trims and of course, the roof. I just hope they can find it in their heart to bring this over here too. Competing her… Continue reading Kia Number 3 Concept

  • All new Toyota Verso

    We won’t get it.We don’t get the Verso.It is based on the European version of the Corolla, the Auris hatchback. As you can see here, the Verso is NOT a Matrix or even a Vibe.It has it’s own design.

  • Nissan NV200 Production version

    As you can see, this will be available in both passenger and cargo version.At fist, it seemed larger than the Ford Transit Connect we’re getting over here soon.But they mention a 1.6 Liter engine with 106hp!So it can’t be that big…

  • Next jaguar XJ

    The next “Big Jag” is supposed to be more like one of these ‘4 door coupe” than a regular looking sedan.So it might end up looking pretty similar to the new Aston Martin sedan. No matter what, I am pretty sure it will look really nice. Thanks to a reader for this.