• 2010 Subaru Legacy

    The all new Legacy seems to be exactly what Subaru doesn’t need: another boring conservative looking sedan that will never stand out from the crowd… Too bad. Once again, they missed an opportunity to come up with a nice design for what has always been a very good car. Good luck…

  • Ford Focus X Road

    For Europe only.As you can see, this “Outback” type little wagon is based on the Euro Focus, not the one sold here.And it’s mostly a visual trick, not a real off road wagon.

  • Brilliance BS4 crash test

    This Chinese sedan got no stars in the new Euro NCAP crash test. Zero.To be honest, I have to mention that these tests have been recently revised and are much tougher. Under the “old” test, it would have gotten 3 stars out of 5.They are known also for their horrific results in similar tests of… Continue reading Brilliance BS4 crash test

  • Macho Car

    Is there anything tougher than this around Hollywood Studios???I don’t think so. A Ford Bronco with a skull on the grille has to be the toughest thing on 4 wheels in tinseltown…

  • 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander

    I am not really sure the Outlander’s failure is due to its front end design.A new one won’t change much. The outlander is a pretty good looking small SUV. Mitsubishi’s problems are much deeper than the front end design of their cars.I guess this must make them feel they’re doing something….

  • Jaguar XF Wagon

    Could be really nice looking. At least from this illustration. Jaguar’s new owner did mention that a wagon version of the XF sedan is coming out soon. A very good idea to compete with Mercedes and BMW.Now, how about a really good smaller Jag to compete with the 3 series and the C class…

  • Chinese Jac B926 sedan

    What an attractive name… But the car itself looks pretty decent.Better than the Corolla we get over here. Looks like Chinese cars are coming over here soon no matter what.Either as Saturns, but I also hear maybe through Costco. Just like Visio TVs.

  • New Honda non car/non SUV thingy…

    This is basically a hatch version of the Accord on stilts.I guess this would share the platform with the new Acura model coming out at the end of the year. Why not just offer a hatch version of the Accord, with an AWD option?

  • Wagoner quits!

    GM’s big boss, Rick Wagoner is quitting the company.Apparently, this move is part of the restructuring agreement with the Obama administration. GM has been doing pretty badly for years. Losing $82 billion in the past 4 years alone.Someone has to take the blame. Who do you think should replace it? My vote goes for Bob… Continue reading Wagoner quits!