• Mazda Miata Test Drive

    -HOW IT LOOKS.I did drive a version of the Miata last year, before the “facelift”, as they say.The new look is nice, but I still prefer the previous front end. It just looked more natural, and simpler.The rest of the car is pretty much the same.The Miata has always been a great looking car, and… Continue reading Mazda Miata Test Drive

  • 2010 Hyundai Sonata

    More blurry pictures.Better ones to come real soon. And again, a good looking car. Especially considering the competition in the US.

  • 2010 BMW X1

    New picture from the brochure.Showing again a rather dist jointed design…

  • All new Citroen C3

    The C3 is a very popular car in Europe. This all new redesigned model does look more upscale and even more modern than the current one.We probably will never see Citroen in the US again, so if you want to see this car, you’ll have to go to Europe.

  • Chery QQme

    Weird name for a weird car.And it pretty much looks exactly the same as the concept they did in 2005.Many people will this design weird and clunky. I actually like it.For a Chinese car, it doesn’t look like anything else. A true original. Sure, it’s not for everyone. Just like the Mini Cooper or the… Continue reading Chery QQme

  • 5 door Mini coming up?

    The the upcoming SUV, but a regular 5 door version of the Mini.It would basically use the same body as the SUV but with the coupe’s smaller grille and hood.And of course, it would be lower and FWD. Why not…

  • 2010 Saab 9-5

    These pictures are supposed to be the real thing.But I’m not sure.The wagon almost looks, well… too good to be true.Seems that the real thing would be more upright and less dramatic.But it does look great on this picture. We’ll see….

  • New honda CRX coming up???

    And it would be called the CRZ.And be very similar to the concept we’ve seen before.It will basically be a sportier coupe version of the new Insight. Finally, a sporty Hybrid. That could be a really nice and fun car.

  • 2010 Lexus GX

    This picture shows the Toyota Prado version. Which is and will be sold here as the Lexus GX.Just the evolution of a boring design from boring to… More boring….

  • Ford Fiesta Sedan

    The new sedan version of the Fiesta went on sale in China.It will be the most popular version when it goes on sale in the US.Not nearly as cool looking as the hatchback, but nicer than our current Focus. Although that back end seems really high….

  • Audi A5 Sportback

    Almost naked this time.And it’s really not that exciting, is it…Looks more like a hatch version of the A4 than an A5. We’re not missing much by not having it in the US.We’ll get the larger A7.