• Renault cars for Saturn?

    Renault is officially reporting talking to Saturn’s new owner, Roger Penske, about providing him with cars for the US brand.It was reported earlier that the cars would actually come from Samsung in Korea.But Renault is already selling cars in Mexico, so it’s not so far fetch to think we might be getting real Renaults over… Continue reading Renault cars for Saturn?

  • New Buick GL8?

    The GL8 is a Buick minivan that has been sold in China since 2000.It is based on our old Pontiac Montana. And does look different than the old Buick Terraza sold in the US a few years ago.The next model will be based on the design of the Buick Business Concept shown last year. But… Continue reading New Buick GL8?

  • Suzuki Kizashi

    I guess this is supposed to be unveiled tomorrow.But no one seems to care, really… A smallish mid sized sedan from a manufacturer that most people have never heard of.Plus, there is nothing about the car that stands out from the crowd. I am sure it’s a nice car. I just don’t see who will… Continue reading Suzuki Kizashi

  • 2010 Hyundai Sonata

    Looks like the all new Sonata will be getting a glass roof option. That’s pretty much a first in the US for that type of cars (The Maxima is a class above, at least in price)If they do offer it in the US that is. The Honda Fit has it overseas but not here.Plus, it… Continue reading 2010 Hyundai Sonata

  • Kia “VG” Sedan

    The replacement for the nightmarish looking Amanti is finally coming soon.From what we’ve seen in spy shots of the actual car, these rendering are the usual overly optimistic and aggressive.The real thing won’t look that exciting. I guess there is a market for a good looking upscale yet affordable sedan. The Genesis seems to be… Continue reading Kia “VG” Sedan

  • 2010 Lincoln Mark LT

    The Lincoln version of the F150 is back for 2010.Only in Mexico, so far. The previous model was pretty much a flop in the US, but I guess there is enough demand in Mexico for a new one…

  • More pictures of the new VW Polo

    The one were supposed to get in about a year.Our version will be built in Mexico, and it also might be a sedan version. At least at first.Competing with the new Ford Fiesta, among others… Good times coming up for small car buyers.

  • 2011 Saab 9-3?

    Maybe…From what we saw with the new 9-5, Saab isn’t going to do anything crazy or futuristic anytime soon.So it could end up looking like that. They sold about 125 000 cars in 2007, and about 35 000 less in 2008.You know 2009 won’t be pretty. The new owners hope to pass the 100 000… Continue reading 2011 Saab 9-3?

  • Chevrolet Agile

    The Agile is an upcoming model for Argentina.Not sure what it is, or even what it is based on. All I can think is the Opel Corsa with a different design.Maybe…

  • 2010 Acura MDX

    The MDX was the first Acura model to use the new “belt buckle” grille design when it came out a few years ago.So the the revision isn’t drastic. It seems even toned down a bit. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it.But I do think it looks a bit better than before. It has… Continue reading 2010 Acura MDX