• 2010 Volvo C70

    Mostly a new front end.That matches the new “more melted” Volvo look we can see in the XC60 and the next S60.I’m not sure if this is an improvement. The C70 has always been a really nice looking car and didn’t really need a new front end. But it could have use the great looking… Continue reading 2010 Volvo C70

  • 2011 Hyundai Sonata

    This one is the real thing.And again it looks great. Still, nothing official yet, but tat should come soon.

  • 2010 Hyundai Sonata???

    That looks like a fake to me. The picture looks like an illustration, and I don’t think there would be such discounts already on a brand new model…

  • 2010 BMW 3 series Coupe

    Another useless “facelift” from BMW coming up…. The current 3 series coupe is a great design. There is really nothing they can do to it that would make it much better (Other than a full redesign).This will be just so slightly different, and will improve nothing.I just don’t know why they, as well as Mercedes,… Continue reading 2010 BMW 3 series Coupe

  • 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe

    You can see it at the end of this new Cadillac commercial.Which by the way, does not mention the STS and DTS.2 cars that are still in production, but will be replaced by an all new model sometime next year. I guess these “Grandpa Cadillacs” really don’t fit the new image anymore…

  • 2010 VW Jetta???

    That’s weird.The wagon gets the new front end, similar to the new Golf, but not the sedan???The new Golf also has an all new interior. I wonder if the Jetta wagon does too.

  • Another 2011 Ford Focus illustration.

    We’ll see with the US Fiesta if we are really getting the same products as Europe.I hope.If the next Focus looks anything like this, Ford could have another winner on their hands.I don’t see anything coming up from Chrysler or GM close to this. Except maybe if Buick decides to sell us the new Astra….

  • 2010 Toyota 4 Runner

    That looks pretty terrible.Blocky and old.I guess that’s what people mean by “rugged”. There might still be a market for it, although it is shrinking.The new model will be available with a 4 cylinder engine for the 1st time in years. Maybe the only concession to the changing times…

  • 2011 Volvo V60???

    Why not>They could make a wagon version of every single sedan they have.The all new S60 is due soon.

  • 2010 Honda Crosstour

    Another official teaser.This looks more and more like a straight hatchback version of the Accord, not a wagon at all.It will have an available glass roof but shares the US Accord interior. At least it will look a bit more interesting than the regular Accord sedan.

  • 2010 Saab 9-3X video

    I drove a AWD 9-3 wagon last year and really liked it.This raised up version is just a natural progression, coming out a little late to the party. The current 9-3 doesn’t have that many years to go. And they already have plenty of competition from Volvo, Subaru and even Audi in Europe.And the all… Continue reading 2010 Saab 9-3X video