• 2012 Hyundai Accent

    It seems that the smooth coupe like look of the new Sonata will make it into pretty much all new Hyundai sedans.After seeing pictures of the new Elantra, it is clear they are adopting a similar roofline for all these upcoming sedans. At least it’ll make them look a bit different than the competition. Rumored… Continue reading 2012 Hyundai Accent

  • More Honda CRZ news

    -1.5 Liter (Instead of 1.3 Liter used in the Insight)-6 speed manual More at MyCRZ.com

  • Honda CR-Z

    The modern version of the CRX is her.. Almost.They still call this one a concept. But just like the Concept Insight they were showing a few months before the real thing, this is about 99% production.A nice looking car. I especially like the interior.Let’s hope they can keep the price down on this one.As you… Continue reading Honda CR-Z

  • Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept

    This might just be the best looking Subaru of all time. I really like Subaru, but their latest designs are pretty horrible. Especially the 2010 Outback.They need something like this, or even something that looks 10% as good as this.And finally, a front end that is pretty original and works on the rest of the… Continue reading Subaru Hybrid Tourer Concept

  • 2010 Nissan Altima

    I think the Altima is a pretty good looking car, and didn’t really need these “adjustments” to its design.In my recent test drive of the coupe, I noticed a couple of cheap interior bits around the console, and from what I saw on other pics, they are still there.The only change to the interior seems… Continue reading 2010 Nissan Altima

  • Citroen 90 ans!

    A really cool video to Celebrate 90 years of Citroen.You can even see Mr. Citroen himself 59 seconds into the video.

  • Mitsubishi CX?

    Mistubishi is hard at work on a production version of the cool looking small Comcept c-X.Although this will be mostly for the European market, I think it would work over here too.They’ve got nothing to loose, really. Who is buying Mitsubishis in the US anyway? Almost nobody.They need to get a personality, and that personality… Continue reading Mitsubishi CX?

  • New Nissan Sunny Neo

    The old versions of the Sunny used to be sold here under the name B210,and later, the Sentra.Our current Sentra is now a different design. So this new one won’t be sold in the US.

  • 2011 VW Sharan

    The Sharan is VW’s Europe only minivan. Smaller than out Chrysler based Routan.It is finally due for a redesign next year. The current model is over 12 years old… I think VW might be more successful by selling the Sharan in the US instead of the larger Chrysler clone.

  • 2011 Ford Focus?

    Just another illustration. But it’ll probably look close to that. A big Fiesta…