• What car is this???

    This was actually send to me by a reader who is trying to find out what his relative was driving. It looks to me like a mid 1930’s Ford coupe, but it doesn’t really match other pictures. Any idea?

  • Where do you live?

    Another question I asked over a year ago. But people move. And I am still curious to hear. I can guess some countries, and I know most readers of this site are in the US. I also wonder if some of you are in China, which became the world’s largest market this year….

  • Alfa Romeo Spider Concept

    Alfa Romeo will have 3 new concepts ready for the Geneva auto show next month. This Spider, a coupe and a sedan. Showing us what the 159 replacement might look like. The Spider concept is being designed by Pininfarina, and the other 2 by Bertone and Giugiaro. So this will be quite an amazing display.… Continue reading Alfa Romeo Spider Concept

  • 2012 VW Beetle

    I heard last year that the next Beetle would be smaller but roomier. They are now saying that it will actually be a bit larger than the current model. And let’s hope, roomier. Especially in the back. VW also mentioned it will be based on the upcoming Jetta. That it will look even more like… Continue reading 2012 VW Beetle

  • Peugeot 208

    There is a new small Peugeot on its way. And, from these illustrations,  it looks like the new 208 will not be a redesign of the current  207. It will use Peugeot’s all new face. Introduced first in the upcoming 508. No matter what, this isn’t for us….

  • All new VW Touareg

    The all new Touareg has been discovered, at least the toy version. Which looks pretty detailed. And we can see a new design that is even more boring and conservative than the current one. Quite an accomplishment. I never liked the current model. I always thought it looked old even before it came out.

  • Revised European Mazda6

    They actually didn’t change much. (new model on top) I still think the previous one was a bit more interesting… But… Not sure what changes we’ll be getting in the US for 2011. Let’s hope it’s mild. The Mazda6 doesn’t really need anything. (Except the hatch and wagon versions, of course…)

  • The Future of Saab…

    We will finally see the all new 9-5 sedan. Full production should start in Apr il. Having seen it in person, I find it very good looking. A pure and simple design that is just what a Saab should be. Next is the wagon version of the 9-5, and it looks even better than the… Continue reading The Future of Saab…

  • Toyota halts sales and production of 8 models

    In the US only. So far… And no Lexus or Scion. Yet… Models are: -2009-10 RAV 4 -2009-10 Corolla -2009-10 Matrix -2005-10 Avalon -2007-10 Camry -2010 Highlander -2007-10 Tundra -2008-10 Sequoia. That is A LOT of cars. Other models remain for sale.

  • Peugeot 408 launched today

    In China, which is now the largest market in the world. So China is the new Holly Grail for car makers. And Peugeot wants to grab 8% of that market by      2016. They now have 1.3% with about 110 000 units sold. Next is a Chinese 508, and an SUV. Of course….

  • 2011 Honda Odyssey

    Honda will show a concept version of the all new US Odyssey at the Chicago auto show next month. As it is the case with Honda, what they mean by “concept” is usually the production car with larger wheels, more chrome and blue headlights. The top picture is the upcoming US version, and I am… Continue reading 2011 Honda Odyssey