• 2012 Ford Ranger?

    Could there be, finally, a new Ranger pick-up around the corner. maybe. This illustration shows us what it could look like. Nothing special. But the next Ranger might be targeted more for other markets than the US. Just like the new VW Amarok. We’ll see…

  • 2011 Hyundai Elantra

    In a surprise move, Hyundai has just revealed the all new Avante model in Korea. Just a ffew days after the all new Accent… Which will become the new Elantra overseas. And again, a really good looking a modern sedan from Hyundai. Amazing to see the difference with the 2011 Corolla I posted yesterday. More… Continue reading 2011 Hyundai Elantra

  • 2011 Toyota Corolla

    These pictures are of the newly released 2010 European model. We should be getting these changes for the 2011 model year in the US. It looks like Toyota has accomplished quite a feast in making the Corolla even more boring than before. I guess they have now cornered the market for the invisible sedan segment.… Continue reading 2011 Toyota Corolla

  • Greatwall C50

    Some Chinese cars actually look decent. I think this new compact sedan from Greatwall is one of them. Sure, it is very derivative. But it looks at least as good as many other cars in the segment, and better than some… They do need to find another name if they want to start exporting these.… Continue reading Greatwall C50

  • BMW “Sub 1” Series

    BMW is hard at work on a smaller car than the 1 series. Which itself is being redesigned for next year. That still sounds crazy to me. Rumors even claim it might be using the 1.6 Liter from the Mini. So again, why? Why even make the Mini? This tiny BMW could end up being… Continue reading BMW “Sub 1” Series

  • Citroen Metropolis Concept

    More picture of the all new Citroen Concept. Impressive? Yes Stunning? Yes Big? Yes! A Citroen? I’m not sure… It seems that whatever makes a Citroen a Citroen is missing. Not sure what it is. Maybe the fastback from the DS, CX and even the current C6. It could almost be something else. Like a… Continue reading Citroen Metropolis Concept

  • 2011 BMW 6 series

    So far just another illustration. But it does match most spy shots we’ve seen of the car over the past couple of years. The new 6 should turn out to be one of the best looking BMW ever. The current model still has quite a presence on the road. We’ll see the real thing soon….