• 2011 Hyundai Genesis

    Hyundai seems to not only try to copy German cars for their upscale sedan, but is now also doing one of these “why bother” refresh. Just like Mercedes and BMW.( The revised car is on top, current one is the bottom picture) The small changes are really not needed.I can’t imagine someone just thinking “Yes,… Continue reading 2011 Hyundai Genesis

  • Peugeot 508

    The “Concept 5” Peugeot showed last year was already pretty conservative.And a watered down version of it won’t look amazing. This is what their new large sedan will be like.Nothing great looking so far. The Citroen C5 is actually still more modern looking. This won’t be one of these Euro only car I wish we… Continue reading Peugeot 508

  • 2011 Honda Accord

    Just small changes.Front and rear.I also notice the horrible “Honda beige interior” seems to have been replace by a classier 2 tone cream and dark. Slightly better gas mileage, rear view camera etc… I still think the sedan is the worse looking car in the segment.Everything else seems to look better. The coupe still looks… Continue reading 2011 Honda Accord

  • 2011 Ford Mondeo

    Just a new face, not an all new car yet.And of course, we still don’t get it. But the big news for us is the all new 2.0 Liter Ecoboost engine.With 237 hp, it shouldn’t have any problems powering the new Explorer as a base engine.Pretty amazing numbers for a small 2.0 Liter engine.

  • 2012 VW Beetle Cabrio

    No more “New Beetle”.The next one is just the Beetle. It is lower, wider, more luxurious. Interior uses Audi like plastics. Smaller dash includes a second glovebox , facing the passenger. Just like the old Bug.And 3 extra gauges sit on top of the dash. Dash face now matches exterior color. And here are some… Continue reading 2012 VW Beetle Cabrio

  • 2011 Lexus IS

    I can’t really tell if there is any difference. Really. This 2011 model is for Japan.I guess we can see LEDs in the headlights, maybe the bumper has changed a bit… This car is getting long in the tooth….

  • More pictures of the 2011 Suzuki Swift

    A really nice looking car . But for once, I do prefer the 5 door to the 3 door.Proportions seem to be off in the 3 door version somehow. Unlike the Fiesta which looks great either way, the Swift seems to be better with “all the doors”…

  • Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell

    They told us it was coming: an all electric version of the new SLS sports car.It will have 519hp and will to 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. At a dealer near you in 2013. The future of sports cars???

  • 2011 Smart

    Looks like some very small changes are coming up for the Smart.Is it enough? At least in the US, sales have been worse and worse.It just seem like everyone who wanted one already has one. The new Scion iQ might be the last nail in the coffin.The Scion/Toyota is wider and looks much more solid… Continue reading 2011 Smart

  • More pictures of the Audi A1

    The one we’re not getting here… I think this interior puts the aging A3 to shame.But at the same time, if the A1 looks that good, imagine what the next A3 interior will be like…

  • BMW sub 1 series car

    More illustrations. We should see the real thing sometimes in 2012, unless they show us a concept version before.It would be priced between the Mini and the 1 series.