• More pictures of the new Audi A6

    Looking at these, it’s even more difficult to tell if it is the new one or not.Predictably, it does look like a cross between the previous A6 and the current A4. Why don’t they even try to give it its own personality?At least a little bit…..

  • All new Audi A6

    The current A 6 is still a really nice looking car, but pretty invisible.The new one will be a very nice looking car that will still be invisible. The interior seems to be very similar to the A7. No surprises here. But the exterior doesn’t seem to have much of the striking presence of the… Continue reading All new Audi A6

  • All new Honda brio

    Honda is still calling it a “concept”.But it is pretty much the production version of the concept they showed earlier this year at the New Dheli auto show.The car will be competing with their super compacts like the Nissan March.Since we are getting the small Nissan in the US soon, I just wonder if the… Continue reading All new Honda brio

  • New Buick GL8 pictures

    These new pictures do show quite a nice looking minivan.One that seems more than a match for the Town and Country, but also pretty much all the new competition from Honda, Toyota and Nissan. Maybe it’s time fro GM to grab a slice of that minivan market. For now, this is still a China only… Continue reading New Buick GL8 pictures

  • All new Saab 9-5 SportCombi

    With all the fuss about the whole brand almost dying, we almost forgot about the wagon version of the 9-5. This could still be an illustration, but it seems pretty real to me.And looking great. Even more like a Saab than the sedan. I guess Saab is concentrating on the 9-4X launch, and put this… Continue reading All new Saab 9-5 SportCombi

  • Nissan Maxima test drive

    -THE LOOK. After almost 3 years on the market, the current Maxima is still a very good looking car.Unlike the previous generation, it doesn’t look like a big Altima anymore. But a big problem remains, as the Maxima is the same size as the current Altima.The Maxima is smaller than its competition like the Lacrosse… Continue reading Nissan Maxima test drive

  • 2012 Hyundai Accent hatchback

    The new Accent is coming out soon after the new year in the US.Looks like a hatch version won’t be too far behind. Competing with the Mazda2 and the new Nissan March, I guess…