• 2012 Honda CR-V

    More detailed shots of the Japanese version of the all new CR-V.Will will see the US one in a few weeks, and it should be pretty much the same. I think it is an improvement over the current model and could be even more popular.The interior seems to be much better and upscale. Looks like… Continue reading 2012 Honda CR-V

  • 2013 Saab 9-3

    O know it seems weird to post something about any upcoming Saab model.Since the company almost died, again, last week.But the new Chinese owners claim they will invest over $800 million into the company, which is good news.The new 9-5 Combi model is next in line. But the next 9-3 is actually the most important… Continue reading 2013 Saab 9-3

  • All new Mini Roadster

    Not sure what this is for, really.Just like the recently introduced Coupe, this convertible seems a bit out of place.I guess the closest competition would be the Mazda Miata, maybe. Plus, they have already been testing the next generation of the “regular” Mini which should be out sometime next year.So these 2 new models will… Continue reading All new Mini Roadster

  • Saab sold to China

    Just a few days after they denied it, all 100% of Saab’s share have been sold to Chinese Company Youngman & Pang Da.The whole thing cost them only around $140 million. It remains to be seen if the Chinese company has enough money to pour into the company after the buy out. Saab desperately needs… Continue reading Saab sold to China

  • 2012 Honda CRV

    This is an official picture from the Japanese Honda site, so the real production model.Not surprises since we’ve seen the slightly disguised “concept” a few weeks ago.I think it looks pretty nice so far.The current model is still very popular so they didn’t have to stretch things too far. Yet they did come up with… Continue reading 2012 Honda CRV

  • Toyota/Scion FT-86

    These pictures are from a accessory manufacturer’s brochure. So things like the chrome bit on the side of the car, wheels etc… might not end up on the actual production car.Still, these give us a good idea, and a first look at the interior. And it doesn’t look that exciting does it… After all the… Continue reading Toyota/Scion FT-86

  • 2013 Audi A4

    The A4 is getting a few small changes for the next year. Nothing drastic, but they didn’t ruin it either.The front end does look a bit simpler and sleeker. The new All Road Wagon version pictured here is also supposed to make it to the US by next year. I think it does look really… Continue reading 2013 Audi A4

  • 2013 BMW 2 series

    More rumors about the next 1 series coupe being called the 2 series. As well as the next coupe version of the new 3 series being called the 4 series.Whatever they call it, it will be basically the new 1 series coupe. A quite predictable design, since the current model isn’t much more than the… Continue reading 2013 BMW 2 series

  • 2012 Chevrolet Cobalt

    Not, our old Cobalt is not back. Just the name. In Brazil.Where this new Cobalt is quite a bit smaller and cheaper than the one we had here a few years ago. And they are not related. It will be powered by a 1.4 Liter engine with about 100hp.It might also be sold in other… Continue reading 2012 Chevrolet Cobalt

  • 2013 Cadillac ATS

    Another teaser pic of the all new small Cadillac. From yet another teaser video.Basically telling us this will be the best car ever made.