• More pictures of the 2013 Mercedes E-Class

    Not sure if the rounded headlights really work with the straight lines in the rest of the car, but I still like it better than before. It went from “kind of ugly”, to “kind of boring”. I still wish they had done more inside. It looks like they just added an analog clock…

  • 2014 Chevrolet Silverado

    Yes, 2014. From these pictures it might very well be 1985. I am not into trucks. At all. Still, by now you’d think they could put just a little bit of styling in these. This makes the 1997 F150 look like a spaceship…

  • All new Skoda Octavia

    This looks to be based on the Jetta. Although I am not sure. It is just about 3 inches shorter than the VW, and seems to be a hatchback. No matter what, I think it does look better than our Jetta. A classic look yet a bit more original than the VW.  Even inside. And… Continue reading All new Skoda Octavia

  • 2013 Mercedes E Class

    I still think this is a nice improvement. It’s just too bad it didn’t get a new dashboard, like the C Class did last year. The current, and carried over design is just really boring and not that upscale at all. Revised coupe and convertible are coming up next…

  • BMW 4 series Coupe Concept

    The only concepts bits in this are maybe the wheels and over styled bumpes. As well as the hyper tacky finish of the interior. Otherwise, this is the production car we will see next year. As expected, it shares its interior with the 3 series. And it is basically a 3 series coupe. There is… Continue reading BMW 4 series Coupe Concept

  • 2014 Maserati Quattroporte

    I don’t think this is an improvement over the still great looking current model. At least on these pictures, it doesn’t look as upscale either. Not sure about this. Why even bother if you’re not making the new one obviously nicer looking???

  • BMW 4 series

    Not sure if this is the real thing or not yet. But it sure matches recent pictures we have seen of the prototypes driving around. They are now saying the 4 series (In a “fake” concept form) will be shown to the public next month at the Detroit auto show. As you can see here,… Continue reading BMW 4 series

  • Revised Mercedes E Class

    These seem to be the 1st official pictures of the “new” E class. I must say, it looks really nice. And does improve on the current design, without being “all new”. The front end is simpler and more aggressive. From what we have seen in the spy shots, it seems that the interior changes will… Continue reading Revised Mercedes E Class

  • Mercedes CLA

    Looks like they just can’t wait to show us the car. Yet…. We still have fake spy shots of it. Weird. Kind of like an official tease. This is pretty much the sedan version of the new A class. It will be smaller than the C class, but might not be cheaper. Like the CLS… Continue reading Mercedes CLA

  • BMW 3 GT

     There it is, the hatchback version of the 3 series sedan. Those of us who were hoping something much nicer looking than the lumpy 5 series GT will still be disappointed. The car, at least on this picture, still seems too heavy in the back. And what is going on with the 3rd side widow… Continue reading BMW 3 GT

  • Revised Mercedes E Class

    Looks like the E class is getting a simpler grille next year. As well as loosing the quad headlights. The weird line above the rear wheels is gone also (More visible in earlier spy shots) The current E class has grown on me. I still prefer the coupe/convertible design a lot. These will be getting… Continue reading Revised Mercedes E Class