• 2014 VW GTI

    Now we have official pictures of the all new GTI. Based on the Golf VII. No surprises here at all. Since we already saw the diesel version, GTD, last week. So far, Euro specs are: -220HP or 230HP from the 2.0 Liter Turbo. -17 inch “Brooklyn” wheels. -18% improvement in fuel economy. -Smoked LED rear… Continue reading 2014 VW GTI

  • 2014 BMW 5 series

    The usual “hard to tell changes” from BMW. I guess they have to offer something “new” to advertise once in a while. Since everyone else is doing it…  This is the current model. As you can see, most changes outside are lights and bumpers.

  • 2014/15 Kia Forte Coupe

    Looks like it will be a cross between the current Coup model and the new 2014 Sedan. (silver) No big surprises here. And it doesn’t really have to be. The current model still looks good. And the new sedan is one of the best looking car in its class.

  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee

    No more Liberty. It’s back to the old Cherokee name. (Which was till used overseas anyway) This quite a departure. I am sure many people will be screaming about this bold design. I foresee many tears from the good old macho crowd. Personally, I think it’s about time Jeep comes up with a modern take… Continue reading 2014 Jeep Cherokee

  • Mystery car…(???)

    This was sent to me by a reader suggesting it is a Sonata. It does look like a 2 door car on this picture. Maybe the coupe version of the next generation? The front also reminds me of recent Chrysler prototypes. Could it be the next 200? What do you think it is?

  • BMW 4 Series

    Not sure if this is the real thing or not, but it sure looks like it. The Cabrio especially does have a strong 6 series feel to it. Which is good. Otherwise, it just look like a slightly updated version of the current car. The coupe especially, doesn’t make the current model look old. 

  • 2014 VW Golf GTD

    The GTD is the diesel version  of the GTI. So far, it has not been sold in the US. But this all new version, based on the 7th generation Golf, (due out in the US next year), might make it over here. There has been rumors about VW bringing the GTD as well as the… Continue reading 2014 VW Golf GTD