• 2014/15 Mercedes C-Class

    Now that the S Class is almost out, the next one for MErcedes is the redesigned C Class. This illustration shows what it could look like. And it is probably close to the real thing. Since it looks like a small S Class… the new C Class will be a bit larger than the current… Continue reading 2014/15 Mercedes C-Class

  • 2014 Mercedes S-Class

    Finally the 1st official picture of the exterior of the all new S Class. And that’s it for now…..

  • Fiat 500L 7 seater

    Fiat will soon add a 7 seater version of the new 500L. Not sure what the name will be. maybe 500XL? But it is not coming over to the US. We are getting a small SUV instead. The cute 500 is starting to get really, really ugly. The longer it gets….

  • Alfa Romeo 6C

    Apparently, Alfa is getting both a new sedan and a coupe based on the all new Maserati Ghibli. So these would be expensive Alfas… The pix above show what the coupe could look like. The cars would compete with cars like the Audi A5 and other luxury mid sizes sedans. Both sedan and coupe could… Continue reading Alfa Romeo 6C

  • Live Pix of the Geely Emgrand KC Concept

    This seems even better looking in person. Quite amazing for a Chinese company. Although this is after all, a European design. It would even make a really nice “Next Volvo S80″…

  • Buick Riviera Concept

     Another good looking concept. One that will, again, just stay a concept. As I don’t think Buick is actually planning a coupe. Which is really too bad. This is the PR BS that came with it: “The new Riviera offers a preview of Buick’s future design language”… Really??? Here is the other Riviera concept. From… Continue reading Buick Riviera Concept