• 2014 BMW X5

    Here it is. First official pix of the all new X5. As usual, looking pretty much like the old X5… Or, now more than ever, a big X3.

  • Infiniti FX37 Test Drive

     The Infiniti FX is a familiar face. The current version has been out for exactly 5 years.  The front end was redesigned for 2012. The design has aged pretty well in my opinion. It still looks upscale yet sporty.  Everything feels solid and very well put together inside. But it has aged quite a bit… Continue reading Infiniti FX37 Test Drive

  • Fisker: The new Saab???

    Fisker has become the new Saab. Will it die? Will someone save it at the last minute? Chinese companies involved, etc…. Same thing we were talking about with Saab a few years ago. Now we hear that Chinese company Wanxiang is teaming up with Bob Lutz’s VL Automotive in order to make a bid for… Continue reading Fisker: The new Saab???

  • Chevrolet Spark EV price

    The all new electric version of the Spark has just been officially priced at $27 500. Before the $7500 federal tax credit. There is also an additional credit in California which brings the price to $17 500. Quite amazing… I drove the Spark a few months ago and really liked it. The EV has more… Continue reading Chevrolet Spark EV price

  • Fiat 500L Prices

    The all new small Fiat 4 door will start at $19 100 for the base “Pop” model in the US. This includes what you’d expect, like air, power windows. But also Bluetooth, a 5 inch display and the 1.4 Liter Turbo engine. So, not a bad deal. A 6 speed manual is also standard. The… Continue reading Fiat 500L Prices

  • 2014 Mazda 3 ?

    Still looks like an illustration to me. But also seems to match all the spy shots of the car. So, if it’s not real, it is probably pretty close. The next 3 should be quite a good looking car…

  • 2014 BMW 5 Series

    It’s time for the 5 series useless and almost invisible changes. At least it doesn’t ruin anything. Especially on the hatchback GT version where the new tail lights look a lot better. Otherwise, it’s mostly more chrome here and there. I guess this will appeal better to the Chinese market… A new model for the… Continue reading 2014 BMW 5 Series

  • Next Audi A4/A6 ?

    This was sent to me as an illustration for the next A6. But the next sedan Audi will redesign is the A4. So I am not really sure what this is supposed to be. My guess would be the next A4. Although as we know, they will pretty much have the same lines in different… Continue reading Next Audi A4/A6 ?

  • It was just the 2014 XC60…

    The teaser we’ve been seeing from Volvo for the past few days. Just the XC60 they already showed us a while ago. Nothing new…. Thanks Volvo!