• 2013: Spy shots recap.

    Here are a few of the spy shots published over the past year.  Which ones are you waiting for?  Mazda 6X?  Large Cadillac sedan?  2016 Mercedes E-Class?  2015 Nissan Maxima?  Electric VW Passat? Infiniti Q60 Coupe?

  • Nissan Sport Sedan Concept

    We have seen better pictures of this before, but this is the 1st official teaser of Nissan’s new concept. One of these concepts that is actually a thinly disguised production model. As this is pretty much what the next Maxima will be. 

  • Suzuki Hustler

     This is definitely not coming over here. We don’t get Suzukis any more. It’s way too small. It’s called “Hustler”! But I still think it is really cute. Powered by a tiny 660CC engine with a CVT. AWD is an option. Seems pretty roomy too. And look! There is even a tent extension option. Complete… Continue reading Suzuki Hustler

  • 2015/16 VW Passat

    This is just another illustration. Showing the European version of the Passat. For the current generation, the US model has a different design. The current Euro model is still pretty much the same car we had here before, so it is really due for a new model. Not sure if both US and Euro models… Continue reading 2015/16 VW Passat

  • VW E Up! commercial

    Cute. I think the Up! is a car VW should offer here. Have the guts to create a new segment for themselves. Electric or not. 

  • 2016 Mercedes E-Class (?)

    It does look like it could be the next E-Class sedan. And was taken in the US, obviously. Unless it is something else. But I don’t think there is another Mercedes Sedan coming out soon. (C-Class Convertible, face-lifted CLS and B-Class,  S-Class Coupe/Convertible and GLK seem to be the next ones coming up) Or something… Continue reading 2016 Mercedes E-Class (?)

  • 2015 Jaguar XS

    This just an illustration. Looking just OK. Let’s hope the real thing is actually more original. As it should be. There are now rumors about starting price at a bit over $30 000. Which could be slightly cheaper than the new C-Class. This will share its new platform with the SUV we saw as a… Continue reading 2015 Jaguar XS

  • Honda Vezel/Fit SUV

    These are pictures of the Japanese version called the Vezel. (one of the worst car name in the past 102 years) Not sure what they will call it in the US. This is the long rumored small crossover/SUV based on the new Fit. And just like the hatchback and new sedan versions, it will be… Continue reading Honda Vezel/Fit SUV