• 2015 Audi Q7

    This is still just an illustration. But it does look a lot like these spy shots we have seen for about 15/20 years now. Just like most new Audi models, it just looks like a square version of the current car. The current Q7 still looks really good, I think. I’m sure the new one… Continue reading 2015 Audi Q7

  • VW Crossblue coming up…

    It has finally been announced today. It will be built in the US. And not in Mexico. Good news fro Tennessee that will see another 2000 jobs from it. The bad news is: production will start late 2016. Not late this year. Or late next year. But over 2 years from now!!! The concept is… Continue reading VW Crossblue coming up…

  • 2016 Toyota Prius

    Still under heavy camouflage. But now you can tell it will look quite different than the current model. Even if the general silhouette is similar. The cut from the hatchback and the rear door both look much more rounded than before.  I suspect that under all that black tape, things might not be that angular… Continue reading 2016 Toyota Prius

  • 2015 Opel/Vauxhall Corsa

     Looks like the design is actually mostly new. But hard to say if it is “all new”. (2015 model is on top) I am also not so sure it is an improvement over the current one. At least the 4 door version. The 2 door model always looked more modern, and still does here. Again,… Continue reading 2015 Opel/Vauxhall Corsa

  • 2015 Mazda2

    At least we get to see the interior early. Looks fine to me. In line with the new Mazda3, but smaller. Looks like the iPad looking screen is here to stay. I wonder how long it will take to appear in the Mazda 6 and CX5…

  • 2015 Kia K4

    The K4 is for the Chinese market, only. So far. It is position right under the Optima, known as the K5 over there. And seems to be based on the Forte. As the previous generation had the same body as our Forte. This looks like a small version of the large K900 sedan. And more… Continue reading 2015 Kia K4

  • All new 2015 VW Passat

     Yes, this is the all new Passat for 2015. New platform, new body, new interior. I think it looks very nice, in a conservative sort of way. Of course. Not very original, but looking very upscale and quite modern.  VW did a really nice job. But that is all most of us will ever see.… Continue reading All new 2015 VW Passat

  • 2015 Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

    It is coming up soon. But probably not in the US. Just like the wagon version of the larger CLS. I guess Mercedes would rather have us buy the GLA SUV instead. Too bad as this will probably look really good.

  • Volvo XC90

    Not the real thing. Yet. But I bet it’s pretty close . It matches the proportions of the prototypes we’ve seen of it for the past 58 years. It’s too bad they showed us these 3 great concepts last year. To just come up with a so-so looking SUV. On top of that, the production… Continue reading Volvo XC90

  • 2015 Mazda2. And more…

    Not sure where this is from. Dealers meeting. Or something else. But it shows what we can expect from Mazda within the next 2 years. The all new Mazda2 isn’t a surprise. Although this is the 1st picture ever of the production model. It also looks like it will get a new 1.5 Diesel as… Continue reading 2015 Mazda2. And more…

  • 2015 Buick Envision

     Just a teaser so far. And, of course, it will be shown in China first. (since it is, by far, Buick’s largest market) I must say, from what we can see, it doesn’t look very exciting. The competition has been very aggressive in that segment. Toyota’s controversial all new NX is sure to become quite… Continue reading 2015 Buick Envision