• 2015 Honda CR-V interior

    What an improvement. Not 100% new but it looks like they really listen. And for the 1st time, it looks like that 80’s “Honda beige” interior is gone! Now you can get a proper tan/black combo. With a new engine and a CVT, mileage is better too. They did quite a  bit of work for… Continue reading 2015 Honda CR-V interior

  • Mystery car.

    This was sent to me by a friend who lives in Germany. The picture was taken in Stuttgart. So it could be a Mercedes? Although it doesn’t seem like one. Next GLK? Looks more like a Land Rover product to me. What is it??? What do you think???

  • 2015 Honda CR-V

    This picture was sent to me by a reader. It is from the 2015 accessory catalog. Looks like the new front end works better when the rest of the car is covered with tons of add ons. I still think the interior is where improvements are really needed…

  • Something you don’t see every day…

    Anymore. I used to see tons of these. The 2nd generation Toyota Celica. This one from 1978 or 79. Just saw this in Hollywood earlier today. And it looked in great condition. Congrats to the owner!

  • 2015 Honda CR-V

    The new one is on top. It’s not all new of course, just a refresh. Not sure yet if I like this better or not. Seems like they added stuff to make it a bit more upscale, which usually ends up cheesier. Engines should be the same. No news about the interior. Thats the part… Continue reading 2015 Honda CR-V

  • 2015/2016 Ford C-Max

    Just like the Focus, the C-Max gets a few revisions for the new year. Which is 2015 in Europe, and could be for the 2016 model year in the US. The front end looks a lot cleaner than before. It’s actually quite an improvement, I think. Inside things are a bit simpler too, less Klingon… Continue reading 2015/2016 Ford C-Max

  • All new Fiat 500X

    Here is the 1st picture of the real thing. The small SUV/Crossover based on the 500L platform. And it does look really good. I think, unlike the weird looking 500L, this is the potential to be really big in the US. More very soon…

  • More pictures of the new Mazda Miata

    Still in red. With black wheels. (Which, in my opinion, make any car look quite vulgar.) The interior seems fine. A bit more upscale than before. But nothing very stylish or inspired. But I do like how sculpted the door panels are. This looks really cool…

  • All new BMW 2 series convertible

    Replacing the previous 1 series convertible. And looking about as good as the slightly roomier and bigger 4 series convertible. So now you can get that great BMW image (“aggressive asshole driver and guy-who-parks-across-2-parking-spaces”) for less money. Since the current Z4 has jumped so high in price with the last redesign, this is now the… Continue reading All new BMW 2 series convertible

  • 2016 Mercedes AMG GT

    This is crazy good looking! Sorry, but I actually don’t care that much about the specs. (Since most buyers will never drive this as fast as it can go.) But it does have a 4.0 Liter V8 Turbo with 456HP or 503HP for the “S” version. Not sure about pricing either, yet. But it was… Continue reading 2016 Mercedes AMG GT