• 2016 Buick LaCrosse

    The LaCrosse will be all new for 2016. And here are some pictures of the interior. Which already looks quite nice and modern. I still like the current model. I think the design and interior held up quite well over the years. From what I’ve seen of spy shots, the new exterior will be much… Continue reading 2016 Buick LaCrosse

  • 2016 Fiat 500

    I had read somewhere a while ago that it would be “all new” for 2017. Which, I guess is wrong, since they are getting this “refresh” ready for later this year. Which will include revised front and rear end, but especially a new interior (At least the dashboard) As you can see, there will be… Continue reading 2016 Fiat 500

  • 2016/17 Mercedes E.Class

    This is just an illustration. But it looks pretty realistic. Since it blends a bunch of current Mercedes designs into one. And it does look really good. Quite stylish for the E Class. We should see the real thing before the end of the year.

  • Next Alfa-Romeo sedan

    I think these look great. But trey are just illustrations. Not the real thing (Although that won’d stop some people from discussing them as if they were the actual car…) The official date is June 24th. Only then, will we know how good looking the replacement for the Alfa 159 is. Not sure of the… Continue reading Next Alfa-Romeo sedan

  • Renault Scala and Pulse

    Yes, Renault. NOT Nissan. But these look pretty familiar. Since the white car is basically a Nissan Versa sedan with a Renault front end. And the Pulse hatchback is a Nissan Micra. (Which is not sold in the US, but in Europe and Canada) The front ends are different than the Nissan versions, but don’t… Continue reading Renault Scala and Pulse

  • BYD Tang SUV

    Yes, I know… “BYD Tang”. And yes, it does look a lot like a weird version of the Lexus RX. With a bit of everything else thrown in there. But let’s get past the name. (As well as some design elements). And take a look at the specs: -2.0 Liter Engine with 205HP -2 electric… Continue reading BYD Tang SUV

  • Next Audi Q5?

    This was sent to me. As the next (2016/17?) Q5. Not sure. It could be. As the Q5 is due for a redesign pretty soon. ( I think right after the next A4 sedan) So who knows. What do you think? -Q5? -Mercedes? -VW? -Chinese???

  • 2015 VW GTI Test Drive

    I must say, sometimes I wish the Golf/GTI was a bit more futuristic. After all, we are in 2015. But every time they redesign it, they seem to keep the personality of the original version, designed by Giugiaro back in the 70’s. And I actually really like that. So it is quite modern, but still… Continue reading 2015 VW GTI Test Drive

  • 2016 Honda Pilot

    Already looking much better than the current model. We should see the whole thing in just a few weeks since the unveiling will take place on Feb12th. On a side note, I remember a few years ago, getting emails from one of the designers of the current version. After I did a post on how… Continue reading 2016 Honda Pilot

  • 2016 Chinese Buick Excelle

    The Excelle is basically our Verano for the Chinese market. Both are versions of the Opel Astra Sedan. Which is scheduled to be all new this year. So far it just looks too close to the current car. There is  really nothing new. The stunning Avenir Concept from the Detroit Show showed a new grille… Continue reading 2016 Chinese Buick Excelle

  • Let’s play: “Spot the Chevys”

    This is what Chevrolet was showing a few days ago in Detroit. We can see the 2016 Camaro on the right. But what are the others? Apparently, these would be the next Cruze, Spark and also the all new Malibu. Where? And what else? What do you think?

  • Ford Mondeo Hatchback

    Now the European Mondeo and US Fusion are pretty much the same cars. Which is great. The new Fusion is really one of the best driving car in its class. And it looks great. But….   I would love to see the hatchback version over here. Even though I know it won’t happen. Since “Americans… Continue reading Ford Mondeo Hatchback