• New Honda Fuel Cell FCV sedan

    That looks weird. Not as weird and ugly as the Toyota Mirai. But still. This is very, very awkward. There is a bit of the new Civic in the front fender. Some Crosstour on the sides. Let’s hope the next Accord doesn’t borrow too much from this…

  • New Mazda Coupe Concept

    That could be great! Seems like most car makers have abandoned the affordable coupe. (Except Honda). Besides the obvious choices like the Mustang/Camaro/Challenger trio. There was a rumor a while ago about an all new coupe based on the Mazda6. So maybe this is a preview of that model. We will know everything in a… Continue reading New Mazda Coupe Concept

  • Mercedes GLC EV coming up?

     Looks like there is no exhaust pipes on this prototype driving around. Which, logically, would mean an EV. Plus, Mercedes Execs keep mentioning a shift from diesels to EVs and Plug-in Hybrids. Since many European countries are actually seriously thinking about regulating Diesel big time (France even mentioned a total ban in a few years)… Continue reading Mercedes GLC EV coming up?

  • 2016/17 Mazxa CX-7

     We just saw the super good looking Mazda Koeru concept a few days ago. And now the production version (probably called the CX-7) has been caught. As you can see, they look almost the same. Which means another really good looking Mazda is coming soon. Same thing inside. (Production version on top) Where things are… Continue reading 2016/17 Mazxa CX-7

  • Buick Cascada price

    Buick’s first convertible in many years will start at $34 000. It comes standard with a 7 inch screen, 7 speaker stereo, 20 inch wheels and a 1.6 Liter Turbo with 200HP. A premium version will cost $3000 more. I am not sure 200HP will be enough to be fun. GM could have maybe squeezed… Continue reading Buick Cascada price

  • GMC Canyon test drive

     After a week driving the big Silverado, I was wondering if the smaller Colorado/Canyon would make more sense. I mean, the Silverado is fun (kind of…), but it is quite a chore to drive around in the city. And that horrible ride on the freeway… So GMC sent me a loaded version of the new… Continue reading GMC Canyon test drive

  • 2017 Buick Lacrosse

    Buick is, so far, only teasing the front end of their redesigned large sedan. It does look nice. But as we saw before (last week’s spy shot) it won’t look anything like the stunning Avenir concept from last year. (Maybe the Avenir might become another sedan, above the Lacrosse.) We will see the whole thing… Continue reading 2017 Buick Lacrosse

  • 2016 Nissan Altima

     THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is how a mid-cycle refresh is done. And done right. The difference between the 2015 and 2016 models is obvious. And it seems that it actually didn’t require more new parts than the lame Passat refresh. (hood, bumper, lights etc…) Even inside, (2016 model above), they changed a few things. The… Continue reading 2016 Nissan Altima