• Subaru Impreza Concept

     Another Impreza Concept. Again, let’s hope this actually becomes the next Impreza. At leas the sketches look great. We will see the actual concept dry soon, and it probably will look great as well. So gain, there is hope for the Impreza. But we’ve been fooled before…  This is what they showed us right before… Continue reading Subaru Impreza Concept

  • Subaru Viziv Future Concept

    Let’s hope this becomes something. Unlike most Subaru’s past concepts. That were all really good looking, and became nothing. I mean, look at their current line up. It ranges from boring to ugly. They have been doing really well in the US lately, and they do make really good cars. But they really need to… Continue reading Subaru Viziv Future Concept

  • 2017 Cadillac XT5. Or XTS???

    It is XT5. But I really think the font they use on the car looks like an S. As much as a 5. If you read it quick, you basically see “XTS”. Amazing that no one at GM ever noticed that?!?! No one thought of making the “5” just a little bit larger?