• 2017 Lexus IS

     Another horrible design. And yet another proof that Walter White is not dead. That he is alive and well, and indeed providing tons of blue meth to the Lexus design crew. That new front end (Top pic) is just hard to describe. The rest of the car seems the same. So, just like they did… Continue reading 2017 Lexus IS

  • 2018 Honda Accord

    Or: “Another sedan that looks like a hatchback but isn’t”… Just like their Civic sedan. So I guess the whole thing will be a bit more aggressive. Slicker. Still, why not be a bit gutsy and offer a real hatch? It already looks like it has one. Mid size sedans sales are dropping every year.… Continue reading 2018 Honda Accord

  • Lexus UX Concept

     “Showcasing Lexus’ vison for a compact SUV of the future” And that future looks like a nightmare. A nightmare on wheels! This is one of the worst thing I have seen in many years. And there is no excuse for it. Toyota is a huge company that has access to tremendous design talent. So crap… Continue reading Lexus UX Concept

  • 2017 Nissan Micra

    I think this looks great. One of the most interesting small car design I have seen in a while. Looking very modern without being to weird. And including most of the recent Nissan design cues. So it does look like a Nissan, and nothing else. I think they did a great job. It is powered… Continue reading 2017 Nissan Micra

  • BMW X2 Concept

     This might very well be the first good looking BMW SUV, ever. In a sea of boring designs, where you can’t tell an X1 from an X3. Or a new X5 from the previous one. This is pretty refreshingly new. (Although, it does look a bit more Asian than German from some angles.) Still, something… Continue reading BMW X2 Concept

  • 2017 Audi Q5

    Fans of the Audi brand will rejoice. Everyone else will be bored to death by yet another “boring copy of the previous model” from Audi. At least, unlike the new A4, this looks a tiny bit more interesting than the previous one. Maybe it’s just because of that “New A5” line on the side. That… Continue reading 2017 Audi Q5

  • VW ID Concept

    This is the all new EV VW has been talking about for a while. Their new beginning. Something that is supposed to make us all forget about their diesel cheat. They claim it will be getting up to “over 380 miles” per charge. Sounds great. Except the car is not due before 2020. That’s 4… Continue reading VW ID Concept

  • 2017 Land Rover Discovery

     Not much so far. But, as expected, it looks like a larger clone of the recent Discovery Sport. So it is looking quite good. But a bit sad to see the same design over and over. The super square look of the previous generations had tons of fans. Not sure this new “more family oriented”… Continue reading 2017 Land Rover Discovery

  • 2017 Nissan Micra

    An all new version of the Nissan Micra is just around the corner.  As it will be introduced at the Paris Auto Show in a few days. So far, even with all that camouflage, you can tell it will actually be pretty close to the 2015 Sway Concept. Which looked great. As I mentioned before,… Continue reading 2017 Nissan Micra

  • 2018 Ford Mustang

    It looks like they are covering a lot. When, basically, the revisions should be limited to the plastic parts. Front/rear ends and lights. And maybe some changes inside. They are covering the rear side window, which is strange. Since these aren’t usually redesigned for a mid-cycle refresh. The current Mustang is a nice looking car.… Continue reading 2018 Ford Mustang