• 2018 Honda Odyssey

     Here is the first official sketch/teaser for the all new redesigned Odyssey minivan. And, of course, the crazy illustration makes it look like some futuristic sports car. This is the real thing. Caught in L.A a few months ago. Probably a little bit slicker than the current model. But nothing like the illustration above. Let’s… Continue reading 2018 Honda Odyssey

  • Lucid Motors Air

    Here it is. One of the all new “US EV start up with Chinese backing” (The other one being Faraday Future) is finally showing its face. And it is quite stunning. And futuristic. (This makes almost any other luxury car look like a “grampa/geezer mobile) They claim a 400 miles range. Which is better than… Continue reading Lucid Motors Air

  • Even more E -Class coupe pictures!

    These are, obviously, from the official brochure. And they do not disappoint. the new E-Class coupe will be quite a good looking car. As you can see, the interior is mostly shared with the sedan. Which is just fine.

  • 2018 Mercedes E-Class coupe

    Simpler than S-Class. Nicer than C-Class. That pretty much describes this little E-Class coupe teaser. The tail lights have a little simpler shape than both S and C class coupes. Without the S-Class chrome. This should turn out to be a really good looking Mercedes…

  • 100

    Screen legend Kirk Douglas turns 100 years old today! So let’s all wish him a Happy Birthday.

  • 2018 Lexus LS teaser

     The all new LS sedan will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto show next month. And here is the very first teaser. Nothing unexpected. As they are sticking with their usual grille design. Which does work better on some models than others. Especially when the headlight shape meets the pinched area of the grille. Which… Continue reading 2018 Lexus LS teaser

  • 2018 VW Beetle?

    This was sent to me. At first it looks like the regular Bug. But the lights seem a bit different (The Dune version I drove a few months ago had new 2017 LED tail lights.) And that weird plastic pice at the bottom of the door is missing. What do you think?