• Last night at Bob’s.

    Just a few pictures of some of the wonderful machines I saw last night at the weekly gathering at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank. Another amazing display of beautiful things form the past.

  • 2018/19 Renault Sandero

     This is basically the Renault version of the Dacia model sold in Europe. Although the Renault is sold mostly in south Africa and south America. And guess what? It’s getting a facelift for the new year. (Like many of us) The front is only slightly changed. But the rear lights are very different.  And kind… Continue reading 2018/19 Renault Sandero

  • 2019 Volvo S60?

    No it is not. So far this is just an illustration. But it shows what the next S60 could look like if it were to adopt a design similar to last year’s “40.2 Concept”. Since the other one shown at the same time, the “40.1” ended up being 99% of the actual XC40 design. It… Continue reading 2019 Volvo S60?

  • 2019 Hyundai Veloster

    Looks like Hyundai has already started promoting the all new Veloster. At least in Korea. Still “camouflaged” but you can pretty much see everything there is to see. And it looks quite nice. Except, as I mentioned before, for that big and useless grille up front. It is also very nice to see a second… Continue reading 2019 Hyundai Veloster

  • Tesla Pick-up

    This image is shows the upcoming Tesla pick up truck. Or does it? Tesla is more than busy getting hundreds of thousands of Model 3 sedans produced, so this could change a lot. I do like futuristic stuff, but this might be a bit much for truck buyers? (Although they already have a lot of… Continue reading Tesla Pick-up

  • 2019 Porsche 911

    Just a couple more pictures of the all new redesigned Porsche 911 for next year. The rear lights and the interior now match the current Porsche designs. From the Panamera and new Cayenne. I am actually surprised an all new one is just around the corner.  The current model  still seems to me like “the… Continue reading 2019 Porsche 911

  • 2019 Jeep Grand Commander

    This is still only scheduled for the Chinese market. But you can bet it will end up in the US sooner than later.  Once it is out, I am sure US dealers will lobby very strongly for Jeep to bring this over here. The main powertrain is supposed to be the new 2.0 Liter Turbo/8… Continue reading 2019 Jeep Grand Commander

  • December at Bob’s Big Boy

    Always a good time. Always beautiful cars. Friday nights in Burbank. Blocks away from most Hollywood studios. Always magic. 

  • New VW sedan…

    Hard to tell what this is. One of the many compact sedans VW sells around the world I guess. But it is NOT our all new 2019 Jetta. Although it looks a lot like it. So they probably do share a lot.  Here is the 2019 Jetta. Front lights, bumper and 3rd side window shape… Continue reading New VW sedan…