• Buick GL6 Interior

    This is interesting. I though the new GL6 was a version of the current Opel Zafira. But the Opel got a few revisions last year, and they didn’t include the new style Opel dashboard featured on the GL6. (Similar to the new Insignia/Regal) So it looks like the Buick is actually a preview of the… Continue reading Buick GL6 Interior

  • Kia Proceed Concept

    This looks great. A really nice design. But calling it a ProCeed is a joke. Really. This looks nothing like the current (or future) pro Ceed model sold in Europe. The Ceed (and sporty Pro Ceed model) are competing with the Golf. This concept has the proportions of a RWD hatchback hatch/wagon. Not a small… Continue reading Kia Proceed Concept

  • BMW iVision Dynamics

    Well, that doesn’t look like the i5… At all. It does look good, I must say. Kind of like a nice competitor to the Tesla Model 3, with a giant glass roof from the windshield to the trunk. (Except I bet it will be way more expensive) But.. This is a concept. So we’ll have… Continue reading BMW iVision Dynamics

  • Honda Urban EV Concept

    This is really cute. It also shows Honda still has a couple of good designers left. Which is good news. Why can’t their other designs be that simple and good looking? Of course, this is a concept. And they have teased us before with cool small cars concepts. But they have announced that a production… Continue reading Honda Urban EV Concept

  • 2018 genesis G70

    This looks pretty long for a compact sedan. Although that might be due to the lens used for the picture. It does look nice. but pretty conservative. Also pretty derivative of other designs. Not much new here. As it looks a lot like a cross between a Lexus IS and an Infiniti Q50. Much more… Continue reading 2018 genesis G70

  • 2018 Buick GL6

    I guess this is now considered an “old Fashion” Buick now, since it is still based on an Opel platform. (Not sure what kind of compact Buicks China is getting after the PSA deal…) This is a compact minivan for the Chinese market. Where the Buick brand is super popular. And the larger GL8 minivan… Continue reading 2018 Buick GL6

  • 2018 Citroen Cactus

    That is really too bad. Citroen will modify their super cool Cactus model for 2018 in order to make it more mainstream. Why?? I understand that “mid-cycle face lift thing. To boost sales after a few years on the market. But if there is one thing Citroen shouldn’t do, is get more mainstream in their… Continue reading 2018 Citroen Cactus

  • How about something scary.

    Maybe I should have waited for Halloween.ut it was just too long of a wait. Just saw this among BMW’s official pictures of their X7 concept. This has to be the ugliest front end on anything (Including electric razors and Chinese cars) I have seen in a very long time.  There is really no excuse… Continue reading How about something scary.

  • 2019 Ford Focus

    Still hard to see what’s going on there. So much camouflage. The front ends seems to be getting a bit closer to the Fusion design. More upscale I guess. They are also saying the new Focus will be a bit larger too. Which means the next Fusion will also have to grow. I guess replacing… Continue reading 2019 Ford Focus

  • More on the BMW i5

    These are official from BMW. For now, just a simple drawing. But actual photos of the car are coming up very soon. I really like the i3 and i8. So I think this looks great. Unlike the X7 monster. Range is rumored to be a super impressive 300 to over 400 miles. Which would be… Continue reading More on the BMW i5

  • 2019 BMW i5

    There were rumors, just a few months ago, that BMW had cancelled the i5. Which was going to be a 4 door electric car. Now they are telling sup a concept version of that car will be presented very soon. And here it is, under wrap. This seems pretty nice already. Looking pretty low and… Continue reading 2019 BMW i5

  • BMW X7 Concept

    I was wrong earlier. When I mention the X7 Concept would be a 25% better looking design than the upcoming production model. I had to be wrong. As there is no way BMW can come up with something worse than this . This is so wrong and ugly, in so many ways. A total visual… Continue reading BMW X7 Concept