• New Hyundai LaFesta

    So far, the all new LaFesta sedan is a Chinese market product only. And we don’t know much about it. It is powered by a 1.6 Liter Turbo with a 7 speed automatic. Although it is a pure fastback design, it doesn’t appear to be an actual hatchback. The front end looks slightly inspired by… Continue reading New Hyundai LaFesta

  • 2019 Ford Explorer teaser

    Here is a new 2019 Explorer teaser from China. (Top picture) Compared to the real thing driving around camouflaged. And to the new Lincoln Aviator, based on the same platform. We all pretty much agree that the Lincoln looks great. A cheaper Ford version of that design could be quite a hit for Ford.

  • BMW iX3 “Concept”.

    This “concept” is hardly news design wise. Since, as you can see, it is just a regular X3 (bottom pic) with a new grille and “EV looking” trim. I guess BMW gave up on having cool, innovating designs for their EV line. And that new grille might not be that “new” once production starts in… Continue reading BMW iX3 “Concept”.

  • 2019 Lexus ES

    I have to say I expected a bit more from the ES redesign. I know it has always been based on the Camry, but it always managed to look quite different. This one somehow seems more “Camry-ish” than before.  And the trunk design looks really weird and heavy handed.  Plus, that cut in the chrome… Continue reading 2019 Lexus ES