• 2019 Lexus RC

     it seems that Lexus had already made a few changes to the RC Coupe not that long ago. So now we have another “facelift”. The 2019 model is the top picture. With new all LED lights integrated in one single unit. And of course, a new bumper.  Same thing in the back. New lights and… Continue reading 2019 Lexus RC

  • Mercedes EQC Interior

    Looks like Mercedes will not be re-inventing the wheel with their new EQ line. At least design wise. It is actually very exciting to be witnessing the birth of their first all EV model (Besides that weirdo B-Class from a few years ago, with Tesla power) But so far the interior looks like any other… Continue reading Mercedes EQC Interior

  • Renault Arkana concept

    This “concept’ is pretty much the production model that will go on sale in Europe next year. With maybe smaller wheels and larger mirrors… It looks both OK and weird to me.  The “fake coupe” shape is fine, but the car just sits way too high. It almost looks ridiculous.  I guess this is the… Continue reading Renault Arkana concept

  • R.I.P Toyota Auris. Long live the Corolla!

    Toyota has been selling a hatchback similar to the Corolla in Europe as the Auris since 2006. The second generation was sold in the US as a Scion (later a Toyota) Now that the Auris and new Corolla are actually the same car, Toyota is getting rid of the “Auris” name for Europe. Why not….

  • 2019 Fiat 500X

    The Fiat 500X SUV is getting some minute changes for the new model year. Besides new lights, I can’t really see anything really new up front. (2019 on top)  Same thing in the back. The 500X is getting the cool LED lights the regular 500 got in Europe years ago. (The ones the US model… Continue reading 2019 Fiat 500X

  • All new Honda Crider

    The Crider fits between the Civic and the Accord. And thank God, this is, so far, a Chinese market model only. As it is currently, maybe the worst Honda design.  The “big car/small wheels” look has never worked before. And it still doesn’t work here. The  design looks like it wants to be inspired by… Continue reading All new Honda Crider

  • 2020 Ford Explorer

    As we already know, the next Explorer will be a cheaper Ford version of the all new Lincoln Aviator. (And the other way around…) And it is really obvious on these pictures. The new Explorer basically looks like the current design forced onto the new Aviator body.  Which is fine. Why not… The grille looks… Continue reading 2020 Ford Explorer

  • 2019 Hyundai Elantra

    The Elantra is getting that big new angular face for the 2019 Model year. (The red car and last pic show the current model) We saw it in spy shots a while ago, but these are the very first official pictures. It does looks weird since it doesn’t seem to match at all the rest… Continue reading 2019 Hyundai Elantra