• 2020 VW Altas Cross Sport

    Just a few more pictures of the upcoming 5 seater version of the Atlas. I think VW has actually done a much better job than Honda with the Passport. As the Passport is just a shorter Pilot. With the same interior etc… This is actually a different design than the regular, longer Atlas. While the interior… Continue reading 2020 VW Altas Cross Sport

  • Electrifying Classics

    Just a very interesting video about this garage around San Diego that turns classics into electric cars. Of course, they don’t mention any cost or price. As this practice is still a very rich person’s hobby. But that will slowly change. And in a few years, there will be affordable ways to keep your classic… Continue reading Electrifying Classics

  • 2020 VW ID Neo teasers

     Not much to see yet, but let’s compare the upcoming production model with the original concept. The production car (on top) actually looks a bit longer and lower. With regular doors (of course) Up front, the production car (both pix on top) actually has more LED lights than the concept. With a light bar across… Continue reading 2020 VW ID Neo teasers

  • Cruising Instagram…

    This week’s bounty of fun Instagram discoveries… – On the set of the most famous car film ever… – One of the coolest ’90s forgiven fruits from Japan: The Toyota Cera. – What could have been: European Ford Granada early design (Looking a lot like a Taunus) – What could have been: An early sketch for… Continue reading Cruising Instagram…

  • 2020 Buick Encore

    Just thought I would post a few more pictures of the all-new Buick Encore for 2020. The one above is actually the Chinese market version called the Encore GX. A slightly smaller and more SUV coupe-like  “regular” Encore will also be sold in China.  But not in the US. The one we are getting is… Continue reading 2020 Buick Encore

  • 2020/21 BMW 4 series

    These are just illustrations. But since they show a two-door version of the new 3 series, they are probably 99% correct. Since the “4” is still basically a “2 door 3” for more money. that’s what the next generation will be as well. That “classic” shape is really getting very old to me. I mean… Continue reading 2020/21 BMW 4 series

  • Cruising Instagram…

    A bunch of fun discoveries this week… What could have been, 60’s nostalgia and a forgotten Dodge. – What could have been GM’s new Family Van, from 1973. – What could have been the new Toyota Hi-Lux truck in 1983. – What could have been the Chevrolet Monte Carlo in 1973. – What could have… Continue reading Cruising Instagram…