• CT4 V against ATS V

    It looks like the CT4 is actually not an all-new model. ( I flipped the ATS pic to match the CT4) At all. Proportions look exactly the same as the ATS. And more! Only the sheet metal is new. It seems they have actually used the same car. Glass area looks exactly the same. Why???… Continue reading CT4 V against ATS V

  • 2020 Volvo S90

    I guess it is time for the Volvo S90 to get a few mid-cycle changes. The 2020 model is on top. And all I can see is a new bumper and lower grille. The grille itself is a bit different but that might be a sporty trim. Otherwise, good to see nothing has been ruined…

  • Cadillac CT4-V

     In another weird move, Cadillac has also unveiled the V version of their all-new CT4 compact sedan. Before the actual CT4! I guess they wanted today to be a “V” day or something… As far as the design goes, I do like this CT4 better than the CT5. Still, I don’t really think it is such an… Continue reading Cadillac CT4-V

  • Cadillac CT-5 V

     After driving a CTS-V for a whole week a little while ago, I, of course, became a huge fan of that car. This is why the announcement of the all-new V version of the CT-5 sedan is such a letdown. Not only because of the specs. Which are pretty terrible, for a “V”. The CTS… Continue reading Cadillac CT-5 V

  • 2020 Lexus RX

     It looks like Lexus is finally simplifying their designs a bit (just a tiny bit) The revised 2020 model is in the top picture. And although the changes are very subtle, they make that front end look a lot cleaner. Gone is that weirdo small triangular shape in the bumper. The grille seems a bit… Continue reading 2020 Lexus RX

  • 2021 Buick Encore GX

    While the new Trailblazer is most certainly replacing the Trax, this new Encore GX is NOT replacing the Encore. Which is weird.  Buick says: “The Encore GX will be positioned between the smaller Encore and the larger Envision and Enclave models” The current Encore is old (It came out in 2012!) I actually think this… Continue reading 2021 Buick Encore GX

  • Current CR-V Vs. the next one

    Yes, the shape will be very similar to the current one. (Just like the current one is actually very similar to the previous one…) it looks like it will follow Honda’s upcoming design trend of “simpler and fewer lines”. Which we saw on the current Insight. And will see on the next Fit.