• All new VW Tacqua revealed.

    Another very generic looking design from VW. Seen in profile, this could be anything, from any other brand, really… This is a pretty small one. About 10 inches shorter than the already small Tharu SUV they introduced in China a few months ago. (And about 3 inches shorter than a Mazda CX-3.) Back then, most… Continue reading All new VW Tacqua revealed.

  • All new Fisker Ocean EV

    We finally get to see more of the all new Fisker Electric SUV. Now officially called “Ocean”. No pricing  yet. But Fisker has said it will be much cheaper than the $700 “care by Volvo” lease on the new Volvo XC40 Electric. With a longer EV range. A while ago, pricing was rumored to start… Continue reading All new Fisker Ocean EV

  • 2020/21 Genesis GV80

    Today we get another picture of the upcoming Genesis GV 80.  The GV80 is basically an SUV version of the new 2020 G80 sedan. So RWD will be standard. We also get some specs regarding the new engines. Which should be the same used in the new G80, at least in the US (A new… Continue reading 2020/21 Genesis GV80

  • 2020 Genesis G80

    Not sure if that is the real thing or not. But I guess it does match the previous spy shots we have seen. Again, this really should be a hatch, like the Audi A7. Otherwise this will end up like the poor Infiniti Q70: invisible and forgotten…

  • Ford Mach E

    This is the most revealing picture we have seen yet of Ford’s all new EV. And it does look like a Mustang… A 4 door hatchback Mustang. Which I think is great. So far, this looks like a pretty sporty shape. Which could look quite odd if raised up too much to make sure it… Continue reading Ford Mach E

  • 2021 Genesis G70

    I know… This brand new model from Genesis just came out last year, and they are already getting a “mid-cycle facelift” ready. I guess they are in a real hurry to make sure all of their models end up with the same new grille design  (The huge one from the 2020 G90 that looks like… Continue reading 2021 Genesis G70